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The Real Halloween: Full Moon: Western Sidereal Taurus: December 10 2011:

December 10, 2011

Sun In Sidereal Scorpio Full Moon In Taurus:

The Real Halloween:

Since time immemorial the bridge between the living and the dead has been the bridge that spans the Stars in Scorpio and the Stars in Taurus. More specifically the “night of the dead” is when the Sun is in the Constellation of Scorpio and the Moon is full in the Constellation of Taurus. The Moon is said to be exalted in Venus ‘ruled’ Taurus which makes it “the night of the blessed dead”.

Obviously this is not the 31st of October the night of Halloween in the secular Roman Calender. So what is going on? This is just one more unfortunate result of the Tropical Zodiacs fixed Vernal Point at Zero Aries. The spiritual and Cosmic event of Halloween no longer aligns with the true positions of the Planets and Stars in the actual Constellations.

Astrology when deeply and properly understood is Human and Cosmic Religion. The spiritual alignment of humanity to the surrounding Cosmos of Stars and Constellations is of paramount importance. A ‘spiritual event’ becomes meaningless at a deeper level and becomes a mere secular cultural tradition lacking all inner resonance and potency. The real tradition is lost energetically by becoming disconnected from its source over time. And this surely is what has happened to Halloween; a vulgarized Fright Night for candy munching children.

This is the true Cosmic and Astrological Halloween; so what is going on in this full Moon Chart ?

We have The Sun at Scorpio 23 Dragons Head at Scorpio 19 and Mercury at Scorpio 10 Rx. Naturally the Moon is at Taurus 23 and Mars is at Leo 18: The Fixed T Square is intense and active. The Fixed Cross of Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius is fully activated. A central characteristic of the Fixed Cross is to contain energetic content until it reaches explosive intensity and then when triggered, it blows, releasing charged content. The meaning is resistible force meeting the immovable object producing polarization and radical change.

Mars in Leo is the warrior of the Sun. In the Western tradition this Sun Warrior is an Archangel called Michael. He is often depicted with his sword drawn and the heel of his right foot on the neck of the Dragon which in this case is in Scorpio. A spiritual war is raging in the Cosmos and this war is reflected on Earth in the ever increasing tension and conflict between the forces of light, goodness and freedom; against the forces of darkness, hate and oppression.

Saturn in Libra Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries tell us that the effects of this Full Moon with its Eclipse will have long term consequences. A new balance between reality and idealism is being struck and established.

As the hosts of the ‘dead’ leave this world in order to ascend in the direction of the Spiritual Sun they must flow into the Moon Sphere and enter the atmosphere of decisive moral and spiritual decisions. The back flow, or ‘blow back’ to the Earth means that these polarized energies become intensified for the whole world.

There is a Sphere of Ascent into higher spiritual worlds and a Sphere of Descent into hell worlds of darkness and these are determined for the individual by the law of attraction. The Nodes of the Moon in close proximity to the Sun and the Moon are the Gates of Ascent and Descent, and here they are opened wide. This is the spiritual meaning of the Eclipse of the Moon. The Moon is captured within the Cone of the Earths shadow, and the shadow is a bridge and and a road where the traffic of beings and energies flow both ways.

During this full Moon we all might benefit from taking a “fearless moral inventory” and reaffirming our commitment to a life dedicated to Love, Wisdom and Freedom and remembering our natural affinity to the Good the True and The Beautiful. Having done these things we might then think about the ‘dead’ we know and care about, and indeed all of the ‘dead’ and pray that they find their way safely into worlds of Light, Love and Wonder.

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The Sun Is In The Western Sidereal Constellation Of Scorpio: November 17th 2011:

November 18, 2011


The Sun is in the Constellation of SCORPIO:

Archetypal Zodiac: Seventh Constellation and Starhouse:

To Know To Dare And To Be Silent:

Burning restraint and implacable intentions vibrate in the depths of your deeply magnetic being. It is you against the world no matter how you present yourself outwardly. Your position in the world is a power position, even if you don’t have any, which is unlikely. You think that doing things the hard way is the right way. But that isn’t always true as life is slowly teaching you.

Early in life you realized that most others are unable to read you. Equally early you awakened to adult desires. This encouraged you to test the limits of people’s intelligence, patience and vulnerability. You discovered that you could get away with almost anything. Except disastrously sometimes you run into someone who can see straight through you and this always at the most inconvenient moment. If you turn to crime you will definitely do time.

You are perceived as secretive because as previously mentioned you are very hard to read. But you are also actually secretive and have a rare talent for telling the ‘truth’ but leaving out crucial details. Part of the irony of being Scorpio is that you keep many secrets from yourself. This produces a mental climate of enigma and mystery and can imbue your life with a kind of X Files feeling.

You have physical and psychological courage and may turn to athletics the military, police work, or security in the real or cyber world. If Mercury is well placed you are a good detective, hacker, research scientist, or corporate leader. If you enter the military with an education you become a general. Deeply insecure socially you may seek higher education in order to gain a title to protect you from your painful social identity crisis.

Vendetta is a word that you understand and woe betide the one who wrongs you and waits too long or fails to make humble and sincere reparations. The saying: “revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold” was probably coined by you. So intensely felt and held are your partnerships that if there is betrayal as there inevitably is sometimes, then you become the dark avenging angel. And what if you believe that they deserve whatever you have decided to have done to them? Haven’t you heard? “Evil must come into the world but woe betide the bearer of it”. It is important for you to remember that justice and revenge are rarely if ever the same thing.

Being actually loved can make you rage because you don’t want to be constrained and you see love as a trap. You fear that the one who truly loves you will also see you as you really are. Should this happen it will bring on the dark night of the soul and ego death. This you know. No one is good enough for you and you always think you can do better, so you secretly keep your options open. As more than one Scorpio has put it “my spouse is married I’m not”. But you are virtually helpless without the right partner. And no matter how much sex you explore or have, you discover that lust is death. And the kind of desire you have can never be actually satisfied but only overcome.

If you actually fall in love and it goes badly you can loose your inner balance and attempt to obliterate yourself in alcohol or drugs. At bottom you are trying to kill the physical world. The spiritualization of sexual energy is crucial to your well-being. You react to magic and the occult. Because of your terrific powers of concentration and magnetic energy you can invoke occult powers and penetrate mysteries. Your thoughts turn into energy and actions with unusual intensity. If your motives are not pure you can destroy yourself and those connected to you in this way; and compromise yourself for lifetimes to come.

If you are an emancipated Scorpio you have overcome the psychology of sex and death to discover love and immortality. In this case you are a tremendous influence for good. You are a centre of purposive and ethical work in the world. You have a genius for turning wealth into more wealth.

You can see into the motivations of everyone you meet. Many people will seek your advice and the circle of your good alliances will grow. There is a good marriage of honesty monogamy and loyalty. There is no limit to what you can achieve, but oddly and appropriately at exactly the same stage when you can have the world you loose interest in it. You see the ultimate emptiness of mere worldly wealth and power and turn your eyes towards eternity. You may do this while maintaining some power position in the world because you detest being imposed upon or interfered with in any way. It is in your fate to spend the last stage of your life in inner if not outer solitude.

You can meditate and fast for prolonged periods with ease and calm intense endurance. If you have an actual spiritual awakening you will acquire a large following without even trying. Your spiritual magnetism is potentially world shaking. As an enlightened being you would be a revolutionary activist.

SCORPIO: Element: Fixed Water:
Ruler: Mars:
Exaltation: Dragons Tail:
Detriment: Venus:
Fall: Moon:
Sense: Smell:
Philosophy: Dynamism:
Archetypal Zodiac: 7th House.
Age of Pisces: 9th House.
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October 17th – November 17th: Sun Is In Western Sidereal Libra:

October 16, 2011

October 17-November- 17: The Sun is in the Western Sidereal Constellation of Libra:

For all you are a sparkling social and sociable being you are also deeply serious. You gravitate naturally towards the good the true and the beautiful. Acutely aware of cultural trends and movements you know where you are and how to play it most of the time.

Libra Gliph

You have a marvelous sense of timing but unfortunately you also procrastinate. This means that you spend a lot of time trying to figure out wither you are procrastinating or exercising your brilliant sense of timining.

You are just so naturally nice that members of the opposite sex often mistake your warmth and receptivity for romantic interest. You always look like you have a lot of potential partners but in fact you are not at all easy to match with a potential spouse.

You love conversation and storytelling if the conversation is meaningful and the story carries wisdom. You can do small talk brilliantly but it bores you and you only use it as a device to either get what you want or to lead into more serious territory.

Being extremely well read and possessing a good memory you sometimes don’t let on to the extent of your knowledge, preferring to let the other do the talking. You are a natural practitioner of active listening and employing well chosen questions. It often happens that the verbose other will suddenly realize that they are being humored. That is when you save them from embarrassment by appreciating the one true if obvious thing that they have said. If needed you see no harm in throwing in a little flattery to save the day.

You probably wrote the desiderata “Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are a vexation to the spirit”.
You have a natural psychological sophistication and can hear the hidden meaning in what people are saying or rather not saying. You perceive complexity nuance and context all at the same time. You dislike taking sides because you see the whole situation. This leads some people to accuse you of sitting on the fence. But you know well that most of life’s day to day problems solve themselves in time or just simply disappear.

You are a master of strategic delay and avoid a lot of problems simply by postponing them until they are forgotten. You can be found sitting around apparently doing nothing but usually you are thinking deeply about how you are going to do something. You will often jump up at the last minute and get whatever it is done in the twinkling of an eye before lapsing back into your apparent laziness. The fact is you are also really lazy. This is why as time goes by, your life, which can be messy, gets more and better organized. It takes less effort that way.

You show a marked tendency to drift in a quagmire of indecision particularly if you must face something disagreeable or just plain awkward. In this way you appear to be letting life just happen to you and not following any thought out plan for your future. You for instance will put off marriage to any of your many admirers until they all marry other people and you end up alone. If the marriage house in your chart is afflicted then none of them really wanted to marry you, which is why you really didn’t want to marry any of them.

With you everything is in the balance of your existence. With the exaltation of Saturn in Libra you quite like your own company up to a point. You like to read and write you are also a really good artist and designer if you try. And people will buy your work if you go into any of these fields.

You are also well suited to retail sales at the high end of the market place. But you may end up stuck in some boring but secure administrative or executive assistant post.

It is not so much that you actually want to be alone but you want to be left alone. Because of your acute sensitivity to the vibrations of others you may have shut down and become a superficial person. But if you are still intact you will like a deeply intimate relationship with moments of extremely high erotic intensity followed by long lulls and periods of calm everydayness. You should get married.

Because of the current confusion (produced by the “tropical zodiac of signs”) many Libra people think they are Scorpio and mistake their highly developed Venusian eroticism for the raw primordial sexuality of Mars ‘ruled’ Scorpio. But if you are Libra any crudeness or savagery in the sexual realm disgusts and repels you. It is the mythic poetics of romantic love that calls to you. If your chart combines Libra and Scorpio elements then you are an extremely intense sexy creative individual.

Work is your salvation the moment you get your attitude towards it realized in the right way. This means taking pleasure in the task itself rather than dwelling upon what it might or might not lead to. Or what social image or prestige is implied by the current work. When you embrace responsibility you are invincible.

You are naturally over concerned with what people think of you. It is important to think about one of the natural laws of life and it is this. One third of all people love you on sight, one third of all people are indifferent to you, and one third of all people hate you. With your charm and talent it is easy to get the indifferent third to also love you. At that point the third who hate you will plot your downfall. But the two thirds who love you will also protect you. That’s life.

At your best you are a brilliant team player able to get everyone positively motivated and feeling good about getting the job done. Your natural diplomatic skills come into play and you can often get the most unlikely people to cooperate. Your beautiful home can also be a centre of cultural and social life.

Because of your deep seriousness and periodic melancholy the meaning and purpose of life is on your mind. Spiritual meaningfulness engages you and big picture spiritual philosophies that can speak meaningfully and subtly to all aspects of life are your natural home. In the later part of your life you will attain enlightenment by the depth of your understanding.

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Full Moon Western Sidereal Pisces: October 11-12 2011

October 11, 2011

Every Full Moon is an activation of the Cross it is occurring in. This Full Moon in Western Sidereal Pisces is a radical activation of the Mutable Cross. Change we can expect.
Current Age of Pisces Mutable Cross: Pisces First House: Gemini: Fourth House: Virgo Seventh House: Sagittarius Tenth House:

The radical activation of the 1st 4th 7th and 10th Houses of the Mutable Cross alerts us to the fact that far reaching changes in all the main areas of life are to be expected during a time when the Mutable Cross is being activated to this extent. This activation has been going on for several years, and we see its consequences all around us. When Planets Transit any arm of this Mutable cross the whole cross becomes activated.

Currently we have Saturn in Virgo, Ouranus in Pisces, and Pluto in Sagittarius. Since the Sidereal Sun entered the Constellation of Virgo on the 18th of September and followed by the New Moon on the 27th, that activation for rapid change has been intensified.

Now we come to the Full Moon in Pisces which we can see is in an opposition to a Sun + Saturn Conjunction in Virgo. It’s intense, uplifting, spiritually potent and extremely serious in its potential consequences.

Look at the chart: Jupiter with its profound affinity for Pisces is in Aries in a Square to Mars ‘ruler’ of Aries in Cancer, which is the home of the Moon. Real buoyancy, high energy and strong Libido there and no doubt about it.

The “duality” of Pisces is writ large all over this Full Moon. A tense social, political and financial confrontation on one hand; (see occupy wall st) and on the other extremely high spiritual and cultural expression which is erotic and religious in its fervour.

Western Sidereal Virgo And War:

September 30, 2011

In my last post on New Moon In Western Sidereal Virgo, I pointed out that the New Moon Virgo Aspects and and their culmination on the 11th-12th October Full Moon in Pisces, were/are likely to heighten Military tensions around the Globe and also bring the demonstrations now happening with increasing violence by the NYPD to a decisive and possibly explosive climax.


There are many people, well in fact the majority, who believe that the current prevailing conditions are governed by Peace loving Libra and in the face of news reports of Wall Street Violence are forced to stretch metaphors about the Scales of Justice and reestablishing the Balance and so forth.

I wrote: However what all this adds up to is Fiscal Poker the likes of which we have never seen. This aspect can also escalate existing Military tensions and add new War Situations.

While reading these Tropical Libra rationalizations I have been reminded of what Cyril Fagin had to say on the subject:

Sign of Noted Soldiers

Astrologers balk at the idea of a Libra Ascendant for Napoleon, but they accept with placid composure the fact that such noted soldiers and sailors as Wallenstein, General Gamelin, Lord French, Marshal Hindenburg, Marshal Foch, Lord Roberts, General Branchitsch, Lord Nelson and General Eisenhower, to name only a few, were born with the Sun in the sign Libra. Seemingly they see nothing radically wrong in this; notwithstanding the fact that their textbooks aver that one’s basic character must be deduced from the sign occupied by the Sun at birth.

These same textbooks inform us that those born with the Sun in Libra, ruled by the amorous and peace-loving Venus, the astrological antithesis of Mars, the god of war, are averse to war and strife in all its manifold manifestations. Par excellence they are the peacemakers of the world, eschewing contentions, factions, disputes and hostilities on all occasions. Tending to live a life of elegant ease, they become absorbed in the pursuit of love, pleasure, gaiety, music and the arts generally. Thronging the salons of the elite and the fashionable, they incline to an indolent and luxurious existence, intent only on sensuous gratifications.

Surely these attributes are not the basic characteristics of these soldiers and sailors? If they are, then the pursuit of astrology is vain and its literature worthless. Some will, of course, argue that the horoscope as a whole must be considered, and not merely the Sun sign. If this is so, then why bother to publish Sun-sign interpretations at all? But this is only a quibble, as statistics have demonstrated.

The truth of the matter is that these soldiers and sailors were born with the Sun in the constellation Virgo and they partake in abundance its characteristics. The science of war is one of brain not brawn, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the significator of intellect.

Like a great game of chess, the strategy and tactics of an impending battle are usually minutely worked out, with businesslike thoroughness, in the General’s map-room, remote from the field of operation. War is a contest of brain pitted against brain, of science against science, in which the cleverest wins the day. The conduct of a battle is a mathematical science, where the numerical strength of the enemy’s troops, vehicles, artillery and supplies, should be known with minute precision; as well as the nature of the terrain, the lines of communication, the state of the weather and other vital details too numerous to mention.

It is a case where the coldly calculating Mercury holds preeminence over the fiery and passionate Mars; and in no constellation is Mercury so strong as in Virgo, its dignity and its exaltation.

The Cyril Fagan writing quoted here were excerpted from the column, “Solunars,” written for American Astrology magazine.
[September 1959].

It is clearly obvious that that the Protesters on Wall Street are bringing brilliant Virgoan – Mercury strategy to bear against the ‘the enemy’ they have so far succeeded in making the NYPD – Mars look like Thugs and out of control Goons.

The protester strategy has been designed to play well on TV Media, hence the near Black-Out. They also know that the more the Mainstream Media Black them Out the more they will be posted on YouTube and all Social Network sites. And this kind of coverage is gaining so much momentum that it is increasing difficult for the Mainstream Media to ignore them. It is clear that Mercury can trump Mars in a game of strategy.

On the night of the 11th-12th October we will have a Full Moon in Pisces in opposition to a Sun Saturn Conjunction in Sidereal Virgo.

Western Sidereal Moon New In Virgo: Tuesday September 27 2011

September 26, 2011

This is an extremely significant New Moon in Sidereal Virgo charged with the kind of potential to really change not just individual lives, but the whole world. On the surface even, this chart jumps out and seizes our attention. A Mercury, Ouranus Opposition is no laughing matter by anyone’s estimation. In a Natal Chart it is inclined to make it’s Natives: Insolent, Chaotic, and Incoherent!

With Mercury,Moon,Sun, Venus, Saturn in a Stellium in Virgo, and all of this is in a strong opposition to Ouranus retrograde in Pisces. The Venus Saturn Conjunction in late Virgo is in a tight Sextile with the Dragons Head in Scorpio! And Getting a Sextile from a Detrimental Mars and involved in an Inconjunct with Jupiter which is Square Mars and in a Mutual reception. A complicated situation which can only bode ill to be sure.

With a Stellium you are talking about accumulated mass, the problem is interpretation, because you have a cluster of Planets all in Conjunctions by Longitude and in this case by by Sign. Aspects by Longitude can be deceptive because that Conjunction may not be so conjunct after all if the Declination (where the Planets actually are in space) is wide.

When we look into this situation to find the aspect ‘hot spots’ we discover that the real and totally tight opposition is between Mercury and Ouranus. A Mercury, Ouranus Opposition is no laughing matter by anyone’s estimation. In a Natal Chart it is inclined to make it’s Natives: Insolent, Chaotic, and Incoherent!

What is Virgo in reality? Virgo is philosophical Phenomenalism which is at the heart of Phenomenology and “ concentrates on the detailed description of conscious experience, without recourse to explanation, metaphysical assumptions, and traditional philosophical questions. the science of phenomena as opposed to the science of being”.

For Virgo Appearances and immediate Experience are everything. Not surprisingly Virgo is also the Sense of Change. Yes in Western Sidereal Astrology you have 12 Senses. This sense of Change combined with highly dramatized Appearance and Experience can bring people to the realization that the time for real Change has come. And this at every level of Life.

Virgo is not so interested in how something endures for all eternity or even what the God/esses may think of it, but only in its immediate meaning and value as a field for Experience. Because Virgo has a profound awareness of Change as it is happening it is capable of forming immediate and critical assessments of the value of Change as it is actually happening in real Time. This is why educated Virgos make rather excellent advisers and analytical thinkers

Virgo adores smart fact-based strategy. Any real evidence that ‘Management’ doesn’t know what it is doing fills them with disquiet, when they analyze the situation and discover that there truly is “something rotten in the State of Denmark” all hell can break lose. Virgoans are basically Middle Class in mentality. The Virgo political and economic analysis that began with the entry into Virgo of Saturn [in October 2009] is coming to a head. We will see this writ large and bold at the next Full Moon on the 12th of October.

We are inclined to think that Ouranus would always be on the side of the progressive Angels, but when it is in its Fall in Pisces as is the case here its natural talent for the unexpected and even outrageous and violent can be used by the ‘dark side of the Force’. And this is what we are expecting now; some sudden and extreme crisis to be used to distract the public from what is going on on Wall Street for instance, and elsewhere.

Ouranus is Opposite Mercury and the New Moon, in turn it is Trine Mars in Cancer, which is receiving a Square from Jupiter which Retrograde in Aries, the Sign of Mars. Jupiter is said to be Exalted in Cancer the Sign of the Moon, and in this case Mars is Sextile the Moon from the Sign of the Moon. See what I mean by complicated?

However what all this adds up to is Fiscal Poker the likes of which we have never seen before. This aspect can also escalate existing Military and add new War Situations.

Virgo Saturn Venus Conjunction, in a Sextile to the Dragons Head in Scorpio and involved in an Inconjunct with Jupiter shows us that control will fragment and divisions at every level will increase.

Saturn Venus Conjunctions are notoriously repressed but look at the Sextile to North Node Scorpio. Stated briefly the Dragons head in Western Sidereal Scorpio is the door to pit of Hell itself. Things will go to extremes during the coming two weeks culminating at the Full moon in Pisces on the 12th of October.

The thing to be doing here is attending to the Good the True and the Beautiful; keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind and feelings. Think about the ones you love, and count blessings.

Notes In The Margin

Every Full Moon is an activation of the Cross it is occurring in. This Full Moon is a radical activation of the Mutable Cross which we may know contains Pisces the First House in this Age of Pisces; also Gemini the Fourth House in this age of Pisces, Virgo the Seventh House in this age of Pisces and Sagittarius the Tenth House in this age of Pisces.

The radical activation of the 1st 4th 7th and 10th Houses of the Mutable Cross alerts us to the fact that far reaching changes in all the main areas of life are to be expected during a time when the Mutable Cross is being activated to this extent.

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The Equinox Is A Western Sidereal Astrological Event:

September 22, 2011

Where Exactly In Space Is The Equinox?

The Equinox is that Astronomical moment when the Earth has reached the Midpoint of its journey around the Sun; consequently Day and Night are of equal length.

At the Spring Equinox; that is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere the Earth is traveling away from the Sun.

At the Autumnal Equinox; in the Northern Hemisphere on the 23rd of September this year 2011 the Earth is traveling towards the Sun. Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere and Summer to the Southern Hemisphere.

The Synetic Vernal Point is currently at 05 Pisces 05. This is visible and actual on or around the 21st of March. This also means that we are currently in the Age of Pisces and the First House of the Zodiac is Pisces. In an Age that ended in the year 221 AD the first House of the Zodiac had been Aries.

Western Sidereal Astrology means that the Zodiac Signs align with the Constellations of the same name. When we say that the Sun is in Virgo we should expect to see the Stars of the Constellation Virgo behind it.

Western Sidereal Astrologers are practicing the same Astrology that was practiced in Ancient and Classical Egypt and in Greece. What we call ‘tropical astrology’ came about as the result of an error in knowledge about the Vernal Point and how it works in Astronomical reality.

Deciding, based an an ancient error that the Autumnal Equinox is when the Sun enters tropical Libra, is irrational and completely unfounded. As we see all too clearly the Autumnal Equinox is when the Sun reaches the opposite point to the Spring Equinox which is at 05 Pisces 05 and is thus placed at 05 Virgo 05. To be sure Autumn begins in the Eurosphere and some of North America in late September, but do we really want to impose a Eurocentric vision of Astrology on the whole of Planet Earth?

Throughout most of the history of Astrology the precession of the Equinox was taken into account in order to ensure that the alignment of the Signs of the Zodiac with the Constellations of the same name was maintained. Western Sidereal Astrology continues to this day to base the Zodiac on the positions of Fixed Stars within the eternal Constellations.

The history of Astrology describes a purely Sidereal Sacred Art and Sky Earth Ritual that was carried out in Ancient Egypt.

It is this Sacred Sidereal Astrology that Western Siderealists have reclaimed, and now share with the whole World.

Chart: Western Sidereal Virgo Sun: Sept: 18th 2011:

September 17, 2011

Sun In Sidereal Virgo: Sept: 18th: 2011:

September 17, 2011


September 17-October 17: The Sun is in the Western Sidereal Constellation of Virgo:

Even though no one really understands you it doesn’t bother you most of the time. The main thing is that you manage to pass for normal everywhere even though you are deeply eccentric. With your highly developed imagination you are privy to many unusual things outside the mainstream where you live. Things are simply the way they are, then they change, you see no need to turn this obvious fact of existence into a crisis. You like to preserve an unruffled exterior to mask the inner turmoil of your highly self reflective subjective existence. You have many different interests many different acquaintances. And you also have many different faces to go with them. You always have somewhere else to go, other people to be with but you discretely keep this to yourself.

You enjoy working and usually make yourself indispensable to some high powered individual or prestigious organization. You really like being the adviser behind the throne, in on every detail, party to every secret. You may have several skills and excel at turning hobbies and part time interests into careers.

You are a natural designer graphic artist photographer and coder. Work involving painstaking research, analysis and writing also suits you. You have a very good eye for the unique detail and can take interesting photographs or render equally good drawings.

You are sexually responsive to a truly remarkable degree but are equally able to remain at an emotional distance. This confuses your lovers who feel rejected and then reject you. You are very attracted to the company of the wicked provided they maintain a passable veneer of civilization and respectability. Though otherwise cautious to a fault you can become embroiled in scandal through your wicked associates. No sooner do you feel that your mask has slipped than you leave town and begin a new life elsewhere.

You hold a very high opinion of yourself and can project an air of superiority based upon nothing more than your attitude of polite self importance. At pains to appear knowledgeable and well informed you are always listening out for the opinions you should adopt. When challenged in a debate you will seize upon some irrelevant detail and insist upon discussing that, in an attempt to mask your ignorance. You are a great one for invoking intellectual authorities and quoting books you have incompletely read. Your opinions tend to change with the tides of public opinion and the last bestseller you have read. Higher education is crucial to your mental well being and standing in the world. If you do train your mind you are capable of almost heroic intellectual feats. Genius is not entirely out of the question.

In love you are deeply insecure and tend to analyze the life out of your romance before it gets a proper chance to get started. This makes strong initial sexual attraction all the more important. Material considerations are very important to you and if you’re prospective spouse has a lot of money and the right social profile it makes all the difference.

Your natural capacity for self discipline makes meditation and prayer possible but your main source of spiritual inspiration comes from your extremely vivid dreams and visions.

Element: Mutable Earth:
Ruler: Mercury + Venus:
Exaltation: Ouranus:
Detriment: Jupiter:
Fall: Venus:
Sense: Change:
Philosophy: Phenomenalism: Phenomenology:
Archetypal Zodiac: 5th House.
Age of Pisces: 7th House.

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Full Moon: Western Sidereal Aquarius: Sept 12 2011:

September 11, 2011

Full Moon: Western Sidereal Aquarius: Sept 12 2011

The Moon in Aquarius is a mystery to most people including Astrologers. This is all the more-so when we are looking at a Full Moon in Aquarius. We would expect the Age of Aquarius to be reflected in the Aquarius Full Moon at a lunar level.

The Moon in principle is Occultism in the sense that it embodies what is simultaneously occult-ed and yet at the same time revealed. When we encounter the immediate presence of another in the 3 Dimensional world, we have an instant impression of the other coupled with the awareness that there is a great deal about them that remains hidden from immediate perception.

The Lunar includes the Psyche – traditionally called the Astral Body – combined with its unconscious or hidden content. At the same time the Moon energized by the Sun reflects the whole surrounding Solar System. In the individual chart the Moon is where the Native feels personal experience and emotional meaning in its most immediate intensity.

Astrology has always concerned itself with the interpretation of Sun + Moon combinations. Core Individuality represented by the Sun is reflected as emotional experience in the Moon. The Moon is also the site for the emotional reception of the whole surrounding world and its relationships.

The event of a Full Moon brings all these levels of meaning and experience into sharp and intense focus. When the Sun is in Leo, its ‘Rulership” and the Moon is Full in Aquarius we have an interesting and revealing situation. Traditionally Aquarius is ‘ruled’ by ‘Saturn the enemy of the Sun’ in more recent times the new co-ruler of Aquarius; Ouranus has been added. Astrologers have the task when evaluating the Natal Chart of determining the balance of Saturn and Ouranus as reflected in the Natal Moon.

Traditionally Moon in Aquarius meant that the individual was strongly aware, as immediate presence, of the long-term consequences of their emotional reactions. Aquarius being the “Day House” of Saturn meant that the Aquarius Moon individual was at pains to make themselves understood and coherent to the surrounding world of others.

Due to this Saturn ‘influence’ there is a certain reticence and even insularity to those with the Moon in Aquarius. The aim is to act with a thoughtful caution in order to behave correctly and gain acceptance through a kind of ‘do it by the book’ approach regardless of ones inner feelings or private impulses and desires. Inner rebellion is contained.

Saturn is Karma which we all weave every day of our lives, mostly in an unconscious and un-self-revealed way. We meet the consequences of our Karma with the right attitude when we look for the lesson to be learned in the karmic experience. Karma often comes to us in a mysterious way which we could not have anticipated, and many people in the throws of a Karmic crisis, sincerely wonder; “why me?” We have acted in the past and had no clear idea of what the karmic consequences of our actions were going to turn out to be.

As Saturn slowly gives way as ‘ruler’ of Aquarius to Ouranus this situation will alter dramatically. The Age of Aquarius will mean that each and everyone of us will immediately perceive the probable karmic consequences of our actions and decisions as we are taking them. What we do in the moment or in a more long-term way will reveal its karmic results before any actual action has taken place. In this way we will all become the masters and rulers of our future Karma. The term “taking responsibility” will take on a much more profound and spiritual meaning.

Aquarian Inner rebellion, becomes karmic consciousness focused in spontaneous creativity and a deeply enhanced capacity to transform relationships into positive future mutual karmic unions.

The early signs of the coming age of Aquarius are emerging in many ways throughout humanity and the world, but only those who can pre-vision karma are actually in touch with the Age of Aquarius in a conscious and spiritual way.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is a wonderful occasion when we can mediate on what has gone out from us into the world and what we have sent into our relationships. When we see and feel that what we decide and do today has already seeded future Karma we can begin to “take responsibility” in a meaningful Aquarian way.

We also see clearly that what we decide and do during this Full Moon in Aquarius carries profound long-term future consequences. Equally we can consciously seed the future with our determination to act and be, in such a way as to perfect the balance of our purpose here in this series of lifetimes, which is to develop Love, Wisdom, and Freedom in order to go fully forward into the coming Age of Aquarius.