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Sidereal Summer Transits 2007:

May 25, 2007

The most significant transit this summer is the passage of Saturn out of the Sidereal sign Cancer, where it has been for the last two and a half years, into the Sidereal sign Leo.

Sidereal Leo

People born on the Fixed Cross between:

May 15th to June 16th: Sun is in Sidereal Taurus.
August 17th to September 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Leo.
November 17th to December 16th: Sun is in Sidereal Scorpio.
February 15th to March 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Aquarius.

Are all headed into a two and a half year period of radical changes and transformations. So too are people born within the following months and years: September 1977 and August 1980. The cycle before that was approximately between July 1948 to October 1950. I say approximately because of course there is retrogradation in the mix.

Saturn enters Sidereal Leo on the 23rd of July.

Leo home of the Sun stands for spiritual identity and what we rather vacuously call these days “core values”. It is that inner state where we can say “I am myself and no one else”. It is the awareness of the “inevitable self I am”.

Saturn stands for structure which includes everything from your cellphone to your means of transportation to your house – apartment – room and all the ongoing and structured agreements and arrangements you have with the world and other people.

On a deeper spiritual level Saturn stands for Gnosis: pure certain knowledge, which in this context means everything you know so well and surely, that you never even need to question it. It is the structure of all your well founded assumptions about the nature of reality and the form it takes. People born with Saturn in Sidereal Leo tend to have a pretty strong sense of themselves. Nevertheless when the cycle of Saturn unfolds a transformation of the relationship between Identity and Structure must take place.

The way I say all this to myself is “Identity and Structure in Transformation”.

This is not going to be a ‘normal’ transit of Leo by Saturn because Ouranus is in Aquarius and Saturn will be in an opposition to Ouranus from the Winter of 2007 right through into November 2010. Now that’s going to be a lot of fun.

The last time Saturn was in Sidereal Leo was approximately between September 1977 and August 1980. The cycle before that was approximately between July 1948 to October 1950. I say approximately because of course there is retrogradation in the mix.

Still if you were born within the parameters of September 1977 to August 1980 you are about to experience your first Saturn Return. If you were born between July 1948 to October 1951 You are about to experience your Second Saturn Return.

No doubt about it the Saturn Return is one of the most important and life altering transits known to Astrology. Now imagine “Identity and Structure in Transformation” multiplied by 30 and you get some notion of how intense the Saturn Return can be.

The great Autocrat Saturn in Leo is going to end up in a fight with the great Democrat and lover of freedom Ouranus in Aquarius. At a political and global level this is going to bring on major confrontations between established powers and lovers of freedom.

This period is also likely to bring on major changes in “senior management” in other words heads will roll, dictators will fall, and revolutions will break out. Look to major changes in France, Iran and Africa. Russia too is likely to enter a new phase of adjustment and development. I will say more about the global significance of these transits in a Mundane Astrology post which is currently in the works.

Jupiter on the Fixed Cross:

The second significant transit this summer is the going direct of Jupiter in Sidereal Scorpio on the 07th of August at 15 degrees Scorpio and 4minutes. Jupiter first entered Scorpio on the 1st of November 2006 and has been developing and promising great things ever since, even when it turned retrograde on the 06th of April 2007 at 24 degrees Scorpio and 56 minutes.


Because this transit of the Great Benific is going on in the Fixed Cross things tend to develop slowly and in the face of resistance and considerable delay which can cause no end of frustration. Judicial matters begun during Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio can go on for years and prove both unpredictable and expensive, particularly with Jupiter in a Square to Ouranus in Aquarius as is the case here. Look to the Mars transit below for a better way forward.

If there is anything at all real to those great plans and promises then look to them to bear fruit after the 07th of August. Usually Jupiter in Scorpio though philosophically profound and definitely the epitome of Sherlock Holmes also just loves money. Here is the potential danger to all you big dreamers and entrepreneurs, if the monetary gain in the project is your main thing then you may have overlooked some crucial detail and will later regret that you didn’t pay more attention to your inner Sherlock Holmes. Stop thinking you are only being paranoid and carefully examine every detail, while you still have time.



Mars: Entered Sidereal Pisces on the 08th of May 2007 where it is energizing everyone who has the Sun or Planets in the mutable Cross:


June 16th to July 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Gemini.
September 17th to October 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Virgo.
December 16th to January 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Sagittarius.
March 15th to April 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Pisces.

Mars in Pisces, when negative, just loves to play victim, martyr, and all round masochist, so watch out for those death talkers, demonizers and soul killers. Mars is Dynamism and Voluntarism in other words Focused Desire and when in Pisces the place of ‘Hearing’ and Psychism, psychological and psychic fields are likely to get stirred up and distorted to an almost ridiculous degree.

Interestingly and perhaps providentially Mars in Pisces is Heading towards a Trine [positive aspect] and a Mutual Reception with Jupiter in Scorpio. The astro-logic of this event is that Mars ‘rules’ Scorpio and Jupiter ‘rules’ Pisces so we find ourselves with a potentially positive confluence of Jupiter/Mars qualities. Most active May 30th to 16th of June. Looks like a good time for conflict resolution and an all round celebration. But then I have been accused of being over optimistic. Although how you can be too positive beats me.

Mars leaves Pisces and enters Aries on the 17th of June thus entering:


The Cardinal Cross:
July 17th to August 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Cancer.
October 17th to November 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Libra.
January 15th to February 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Capricorn.
April 15th to May 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Aries.

Saturn In Cancer: Sept 2004-July 2007:

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