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Saturn In Leo: July 23 2007-Sept 16 2009:

May 27, 2007

Aquarius Home Of Ouranus

This is a Mundane Sidereal Astrological report focused on the Political and Global significance of the coming transit of Leo by Saturn: If you want to find out about this transit at a more personal level scroll down to the previous post called: Sidereal Summer Transits 2007.

In my previous post about Transits Summer 2007 I pointed out that Saturn is entering the Sidereal sign of Leo on July 23rd. I also said: This is not going to be a ‘normal’ transit of Leo by Saturn because Ouranus is in Aquarius and Saturn will be in an opposition to Ouranus from the Winter of 2007 right through into November 2010. Now that’s going to be a lot of fun.

Saturn and Ouranus in the fixed cross is going to be extremely intense at a global level. I also mentioned that: The great Autocrat Saturn in Leo is going to end up in a fight with the great Democrat and lover of freedom Ouranus in Aquarius. At a political and global level this is going to bring on major confrontations between established powers and lovers of freedom, and radical activists.

This period is also likely to bring on major changes in “senior management” in other words heads will roll, dictators will fall, and revolutions will break out. Look to major changes in France, Iran and Africa. Russia too is likely to enter a new phase of adjustment and development. China is at a Sixty Year Saturn cycle:

Both Saturn and Ouranus are globally significant Planets. Neither of them are known for their compromising nature. When in an opposition particularly in the Fixed Cross we can expect escalating confrontations between diametrically opposing forces. There is very little potential diplomatic middle ground between Nations and global forces. Obviously the potential for World War is increased. But this would not be a clearly defined Global conflict because civil wars would break out inside the warring nations. Should this stage be reached then we are looking at a Global Revolution. Naturally whatever happens there will be dramatic changes in leadership.

Let me illustrate the extreme nature of this Sidereal situation:
The last time Saturn was in Sidereal Leo was approximately between September 1977 and August 1980. The cycle before that was approximately between July 1948 to October 1951. I say approximately because of course there is retrogradation in the mix at the margins.

On January 16th 1979 the Shah of Iran was forced to flee the country. On that fateful day Saturn was Retrograde at 19Degrees Leo in a Conjunction to the Moon also in Leo and the Sun had just entered Saturn ruled Capricorn in a conjunction to Mars. The Shah was lucky to have escaped with his head, but his enemies probably knew that he had terminal cancer.

This was no ordinary coup d’etat it was the replacing of one world view with another. On February the 26th millions of Iranians turned out to cheer the return of the Ayatollah Khomeini from France after 15 years of exile. He had spent most of his time in exile in Iraq. At that time Ouranus was at 25 Degrees of Libra and certainly a new balance of power was struck in the Middle East and by extension Globally.

That same year on March 29th 1979 Idi Amin Dada the notorious African dictator was driven out of Uganda. Certainly Sidereal Leo Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe seems, shortly destined for a similar fate in 2007-08, if ‘heart related’ problems don’t get to him first. On April 05th 1979 Ali Bhutto a former Prime Minister of Pakistan was hanged after being found guilty of the attempted murder of a political opponent.

On a much more positive note, on May 03rd 1979 Conservative Mrs Margaret Thatcher became the first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain, replacing the long held Leftist hegemony in U.K. politics. Saturn was at 12 Degrees Sidereal Leo. Hilliary Clinton anyone? In the previous Saturn in Leo cycle Harry Truman won his famous upset victory on November 02nd 1948 with Saturn at 10 Degrees of Sidereal Leo.

On March 18th 1949 with Saturn at 06Degrees12 Leo Retrograde the Allies formed NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) amid some fears that it might provoke the then Soviet Union into war. That year too the then Soviet Union tested its first Atomic bomb thus ending Americas monopoly of that weapon.

On October 01st 1949 Mao Tse Dong proclaimed the Peoples Republic of Communist China, replacing one world view with another. Saturn was at 19Degrees 08 Sidereal Leo.
BEIJING 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad: From the 8th August to 24th August 2008. Saturn will be at 13-15Degrees Sidereal Leo. By the 21st of September Saturn will be at 19Degrees Leo applying to an opposition to Ouranus retrograde at 25Degrees Aquarius.

I think you get the picture. In the next Mundane Sidereal Astrology post we will look at the Global economy and the coming Messiah Game.

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