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Moon Full In Scorpio:

May 31, 2007

moon in scorpio

Tonight is the last day of the month long Vesak Festival which is celebrated all over the Global Buddhist world as the birth month of the Buddha. 2551st birthday of Buddha. Over two thousand five hundred years ago the Buddha attained Enlightenment with the Sun in Sidereal Taurus and the Moon full in Scorpio.

On this occasion the Sun is at 15Degrees Taurus 21Minutes in a Conjunction with the Star Aldabaran “the eye of the Bull” While the Moon at the same degree in Scorpio is in a conjunction to the Star Antares “the rival of Mars”. If the sky is clear we will be able to see the Moon within a 05Degree conjunction to Jupiter.

The Moon is full tonight at 09Hours 04Minutes PM: EDT: on May 31st 2007. Which makes it 06Hours 04Minutes PM: PDT: on May 31st 2007. In London or GDT: it is 01Hours 04Minutes GDT: on June 01st 2007.

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