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That Old Devil Moon:

June 6, 2007

Cancer Home of Moon

The family Astrologer has been telling folks since time immemorial that the days of the Full Moon carry a lot of intensity desire and emotion. As a matter of ideological prejudice cynical intellectuals poo poo this kind of thing out of hand. But Cops, if you can believe it, who have an undeserved reputation for being dumb, have figured it out! The cycles of the Moon are directly related to patterns of human and social behavior.

Now this is further proof that Cops are smarter than cynical intellectuals. Unfortunately being Cops they too, also have a tendency to look on the dark side of things and so we get Crackdown on lunar-fuelled crime. No mention at all of the days of the Full Moon being a most excellent opportunity for romance shopping and mystical experiences of a thrilling variety.

What Kind Of Summer Are You Having?

Sidereal Summer Transits 2007: is just what you need in order to relate your innermost turmoil to your outer turmoil. The big shift in astrocosmic resonance is looming large and fearsomely wonderful. That is because that scythe wielding old bastard Saturn, who incidentally claims to be your friend, is doing his relentless slow dance out of Cancer into Leo. Saturn In Leo: July 23 2007-Sept 16 2009:

If you want to read the Saturnine back story the finale of which is still pending, then don’t miss: Saturn In Cancer: Sept 2004-July 2007:

Sun in Taurus May 15th to June 16th: If you, a family member, friend, current lover, ex-lover, were born between the 15th of May and the 16th of June then you need to be reading Sun In Sidereal Taurus:

Your Sidereal Chart


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