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Moon New: 14th June 2007:

June 13, 2007


Here is the chart for the New Moon which falls on the 14th of June 2007: 11H: 14M: PM: EDT: It is set for Toronto because this is where I am but if you want to set this chart to somewhere else here is the Ephemeris Time [ET] : June 15th 03:Hours: 14Minutes: Add or subtract your time zone as required.

What Does It Mean?:

If this new moon falls on a sensitive point in your chart then you are in for a real mixed bag month. It jumps right out at you. Venus the significator of both the Sun and Moon is in Cancer the House of the Moon and the ‘ruler’ of Taurus. This well placed Venus is in a Trine to Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde and Scorpio is the ‘fall of the moon’. What do we see? Things begin well, everything is just lovely but they may show a tendency to become increasingly complicated, over-inflated and difficult. It is all about Money Sex and Power/Love.
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Thats the only aspect that Venus really has but Jupiter in Scorpio is in a mighty Square to Ouranus in Aquarius “expect the unexpected” and Ouranus is in an applying Square to the New Moon. Whoops watch out for that apple cart because…damn there it goes… and there is Pluto in Sagittarius right Opposite the New Moon. “The best laid plans of mice and men” and all that.

On top of that we have Neptune in a lovely sneaky Trine to the New Moon and still all messed up and generally demented in its Opposition to Saturn which in turn is getting a separating Sextile from the New Moon itself. This is a great opportunity to be sneaky, stubborn and totally wrong headed, everyone else sees it except you.

Mars at 28 Pisces 02 is in a near perfect Sextile to the New Moon and it is also in a separating Sextile from Neptune and in a separating Trine to Saturn. Looks very creative and imaginative and of course hot and sexy in a diffuse kind of way.

The North Node of the Moon at 15 Aquarius 26 is in a Trine to Mercury in 16 Gemini 44 so your mind should work if only you can bring yourself to actually concentrate but that is difficult with Jupiter in that Square to the North Node of the Moon and Inconjunct [out of alignment] Mercury.

The great thing about this New Moon is that it is loaded with potential through its many engaged aspects.
Exercise your spiritual freedom and do your New Moon meditation, knowing as you do that the state you are in during the New Moon will seed the coming month:

Be Positive. Forgive all wrongs real and imagined. Bless the gift of life and give thanks for the lessons you have learned and are learning, no matter how hard to bear they may be. If there is something wrong in your life then set it right. Look forward to the future in a spirit of intelligent freedom, love and learning.

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