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Sun In Sidereal Gemini:

June 15, 2007


The Sun is in Gemini: June16-July17

Isn’t it amazing the way the thousand and one things flash in and out of your mind at a moments notice? You enjoy variety and novelty and always want to know what the latest fashion trend is.

The narrative line is important and you spend a lot of time in your own mind talking to yourself. Not that you are engrossed in an inner dialogue deliberately it just happens even when you are asleep. You spend a lot of time rehearsing what you are going to say to people, some of whom are imaginary, or what you should have said to people, some of whom are also imaginary.

Essentially alienated and detached from your world you put great effort into trying to show a genuine interest in others. But others don’t really exist for you beyond what ever information you are able to gather about them. This makes you sad sometimes, though not for long.

You act in the most spontaneous adaptable and easy going manner ready to engage everyone and anyone. You like to put on a very convincing display of how open minded and progressive you are. This gives you enough popularity to get you invited along to the party. You take the occasional trip through the dark side of town just to see what you are missing out on.

Anything that offers continuous variety novelty and change appeals to you. Journalism, Advertising, Information Technology and sales involving travel are obvious choices. But you are also extremely status conscious so you seek higher education and training for the prestige they confer. You have a natural aptitude for music, writing, science, information technology, and law.

Being highly secretive you never let anyone know what you really think of them. In the privacy of your inner mind you judge everyone you meet slotting them into a private cast and status system that you believe in. You lie to people as a matter of course and only get caught when you have not been given enough time to rehearse. Consequently you have become highly adept at changing the subject in a hurry.

You are convinced that society is composed of two kinds of people: the privileged and the underprivileged. You do everything in your power to be associated with the privileged and become one of them.

In love you are a bit of a lightweight due to the fact that you are really a bachelor at heart and never let anyone get to where you really live. You never enter into anything without thinking about how you are going to get back out of it should the need arise. Consequently others pick up on a certain coldness and distance coming from you. Real intimacy eludes you but you can be happy enough with someone just like you.

Your spiritual interests tend to be wide ranging and eclectic. As you love to read and inform yourself you probably have a collection of spiritual literature. You share what you have found without ever committing to a specific spiritual path yourself. Beware of the god/dess you worship in secret.

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