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Kyoto Saturn Neptune:

June 23, 2007

Nothing more clearly illustrates the current opposition of Saturn in Cancer to Neptune in Capricorn than the delusion ridden “climate change” and “global warming” hysteria centered around the Kyoto Accord.

The polarity of Cancer Capricorn in the Cardinal Cross demands action but in this instance it is deranged action. Cancer is Materialism and the sense of Touch. Capricorn in turn is Spirit-ism and the sense of Perception and Sight.

Neptune the great illusionist and hallucinatory special effects master can make virtually anything appear true and meaningful, provided the facts can be ignored and pragmatism sent packing. There is always something inherently underhanded and sneaky about Neptune.

One of Neptune’s gifts to humanity is the “Big Lie”. You know that lie that is so vast and so outrageous that people naturally reject it at first, or think that no one would dare to lie on such a scale so it must be true? The main thing about the big lie is, that all that need happen is that it be repeated endlessly and people become so brain washed that they end up accepting it.

Under normal circumstances Saturn the plodding the painstaking the scrupulous the exacting and thorough stands guard against the big lie. Unfortunately at present Saturn is being overwhelmed by Neptune at least in the minds of the gullible and uncritical. You always know that Neptune is in there when some dogma or ideology reaches the stage where it can no longer be questioned by anyone. Like the immaculate conception in the medieval church.

Is Global warming real? Of course it is. Global warming is being observed on Mars! Are human beings causing it? Doubtful but possible in part. Should we make an all out effort to clean up pollution and conserve natural resources? Definitely we should, that is just common survival sense.

“The earth is warming. Has been for about 150 years.
The warming is part of a natural cycle, a rebound.
Before that, it was colder for 400 years. [Little Ice Age]
Before that, it was warmer than now, for 400 years.
[Medieval Warm Period].

The 20th Century warming slope is approaching
the level of the Medieval Warm Period now.
This current warmth is due to last for 400 years.

During the 400 years, agriculture could move further north.
It will seem hot to us.
Afterwards, the temperature will go back down.
Normal fluctuation.

Those 400-yr up and down cycles have been going on
for 8000 years.
Before the 8000 years, we were in a glaciation,
a deep freeze for 100,000 years.
For the last 30 million years, cycles of
deep freeze with short warmings
For the last 542 million years, three episodes of the cold times.”

Neptune in Capricorn is Neptune in Spirit-ism note that it is not spirituality as such but spirit-ism which is germane to the seeing of ghosts, the hearing of voices in the head and the witnessing of miracles. It is emotionalism overwhelming reason and threatening dire consequences as a substitute for answering legitimate questions. It demands uncritical and total belief. Instead of answering it’s just critics it makes pariahs and enemies of them. Neptune is constitutionally incapable of distinguishing between the illusion of a thing and the reality of a thing. That is an important part of what makes it Neptune.

The upshot is that the Kyoto Cultists are quite happy to sweep everyone along into the vortex of their Neptune induced mass hysteria. Here the involvement of Saturn adds gravity to the madness.

The political blow back is going to be terrific when the planets Saturn and Jupiter move into Leo and Sagittarius respectively. These are right of center positions politically. The left having wedded themselves to the Kyoto Cult are in for a big shock when the hot dry winds of reality blow the vapors of Neptune away.

But some bright people already see the big climate change lie for what it is: “Freedom, not climate, is at risk” Vaclav Klaus

Saturn In Cancer: Sept 2004-July 2007:

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