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Sun In Sidereal Cancer:

July 17, 2007



July17-August17 The Sun is in the Constellation of CANCER:

A really good loaf of bread is a fine thing. You worship security comfort and wealth as a means to sustain and protect the many deserving and undeserving people you care about. It is the mood music of life that you listen to and play moment by moment day by day as you pass in and out of each person’s atmosphere. Life is a soap opera starring you and featuring everyone you know.

You tend to absorb a lot of heavy emotional energy and carry it around with you to the point of depression. Being a natural busy body you forget where your boundaries are and interfere in things that you do not understand. But so convinced are you that your feelings are real information that there is no talking to you once you have made up your mind about what the ‘problem’ is.

Super sensitive to rejection you tend to protect your inner feelings from possible damage by being on guard all the time. You can be irritable and easily offended. In this way you reject others and hurt the ones who love you. You easily substitute emotional fulfillment with a job or career that absorbs all your time and energy. Respect is extremely important to you and you are willing to work very hard to gain it.

Like everyone else you enjoy good news. But what really engages you is bad news, the worse the better. Empathizing with people in trouble is a special natural talent which you possess; if you add real training to it you become a highly skilled councilor.

Highly interested in Theatre Art and Film you like to collect books artifacts CDs and DVDs. You may also be engaged in any of the many careers related to these fields.

You are interested in the world to the extent that it can impact upon your personal life your family your friends. And it sometimes happens that you find yourself personally involved in an issue that concerns the community as a whole. In this case public life and politics come naturally. Celebrities interest you and if you happen to become one yourself then you really don’t mind.

In love you seek emotional security and must be convinced that you are deeply understood before you give your emotional loyalty. You may be obliged to go through a series of harrowing emotional disappointments before you gain the inner stability to sustain a long lasting relationship. At your most intensely involved the romantic passes over into the mystical and you enter a kind of heaven of love.

Religious and spiritual concerns engage you because you carry a deep need to believe that there is a god/dess watching over you. When young you are likely to explore many different spiritual paths but as you grow older it is the god/dess of your childhood and ancestors that is likely to gain your final allegiance.

Yet there is a much deeper level to your spiritual longings and if you can find the actual courage, you are able to go there and become a “twice born” member of the Elect.

With the ever changing and moody Moon as ruler of the Constellation of Cancer the Key Word is inevitably: Emotion.

As the third Star House in the Archetypal Zodiac Cancer has everything to do with ones Mother and of course also ones siblings. The third Starhouse is also the scene of ones capacity to communicate to and empathize with others in an immediate and spontaneous way. The very first person anyone communicates with is Mother and that communication begins in the womb. The connection with siblings and spontaneous communication makes the Third Starhouse a house of Friendship and convivial self projection.

With the Exaltation of Jupiter in the Constellation of Cancer we find it’s Natives capable of being happy expansive and generous. Jupiter also endows the native with a strong interest in religion and to an extent in philosophy and the occult. The Moon if dramatically configured and strong will incline the native towards music acting and a public life. Though innately shy and defensive Cancerians love to be the centre of attention and bask in the warm feelings of their family friends and the public.

Because of the connections between the Moon Jupiter and the effects of Saturn in Detriment in the Constellation of Cancer its Natives are very often deeply concerned with issues of Security and Safety.

Most immediately this need for Security is the need for Emotional Security. Many a Cancerian has terminated a relationship or employment position simply because they felt insecure. Whether this feeling of insecurity is rational or not will depend upon other factors in the Birth Chart such as the position of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Natives of this Star House can be extremely intense emotionally and sexually. Often romantic to a fault they personalize every aspect of life, and can indulge in the most outlandish displays of self pity and melodrama. They also have a rather overdeveloped sense of guilt and when not busy making others feel guilty are indulging in it themselves.

The fall of Mars in Cancer can make its Natives sexually demanding and emotionally explosive with a pronounced weakness for alcohol and drugs. But should Saturn be stronger in the chart than Mars then the native will be abstemious controlling and miserly. It is often the case that Control as the afflicted extension of the need for Security can become the dominant theme in the Natives life. In this case the Native is moody withdrawn and uncommunicative and can drive others to distraction by subjecting them to the “silent treatment”. But so variable are the moods of Cancer that in due course the victim of the “silent treatment” will be subjected to an unending litany of complaints and grievances. If these are ignored the Cancer throws a big tantrum which can easily end in tears, with or without a remorseful confession of guilt.

There is a highly developed Native of Cancer who is capable of meeting and calmly confronting every kind of emotion come what may. These aristocrats of the Constellation of Cancer are able to become the central character in a very large “extended family” composed of a very wide variety of distinctly different human individuals who oddly are able to get along on a good humored “agree to disagree” basis. We can also find these individuals as the Heads of Corporations and Organizations enjoying the unflagging love and loyalty of their employees and associates.

These rare exalted Cancerians can also be found as spiritual teachers. The planet Jupiter carries the meaning of “spiritual teacher” and indeed it is true that by observing the position of Jupiter and its aspects in any Sidereal Birth Chart we can see the quality and worth of the Natives spiritual teacher. This kind of Cancerian will be found preserving and fostering a spiritual tradition rather than setting the world on fire with any unseemly or eccentric innovation. We should not forget that even at this level the need for security will make itself felt and the wise Cancerian will seek the most reliable and well tested spiritual knowledge and practice.

If Mercury and Saturn are also strong and in a positive position the Native will become an extremely effective spokes person for their spiritual tradition. There will be a natural talent for writing, public speaking and the ability to face any spiritual challenge. Being well able to understand the emotions that move and change people they are able to communicate with a very wide variety of people. There is a sound and sensible concern for the physical as well as spiritual needs of people and pragmatic social activists are found amongst the natives of this Star House.
CANCER: Element: Cardinal Water: Ruler: Moon: Exaltation: Jupiter:

Detriment: Saturn: Fall: Mars:

Sense: Touch: Philosophy: Materialism: Archetypal Zodiac: 3rd House: Age of Pisces: 5th House:


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