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Digital Gaia:

August 1, 2007

Digital Gaia

[…”These spectacular images are the most detailed true colour pictures of the Earth that we have ever seen.The clear images, released by NASA, were pieced together from observations taken from a satellite of the land surface, oceans, sea ice and clouds. Using a collection of these satellite-based observations, NASA scientists have stitched together months of observations of the earth’s surface and combined them to create a colourful mosaic of our living planet…”] DigitalEarth

Imagine We Are Born On Another Planet In This Solar System:
What Does The Earth Mean In Your Chart?

Obviously the Earth ‘rules’ Sex Death and Love-Freedom when positive and Sex Death and Power-Tyranny when negative. In Sidereal Heliocentric Astrology the Earth is found at the point exactly opposite the position of the Sun in your Geocentric Sidereal chart .


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