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Moon Full In Aquarius August 28th:

August 27, 2007

Moon Full August 28th 2007

Well here we have it: The Chart for this months Full Moon: This chart is set for Toronto which is where I am:

In London U.K. The time is 10h: 36m GDT: On the Vancouver, Los Angles axis it is 03h: 36m: PDT:

As you see:
The Sun: 09Degrees Leo 55Minutes:
Moon: 09D: Aquarius 55M:
Mercury: 21D: Leo 40m:
Venus: 24D: Cancer 15M: Retrograde:
Mars: 18D: Taurus 22M:
Jupiter: 15D: Scorpio 47M:
Saturn: 04D: Leo 30M:
Ouranus: 22D: Aquarius: 21M: Retrograde:
Neptune: 25D: Capricorn: 23M: Retrograde:
Pluto: 01D: Sagittarius: 29M: Retrograde:


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