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New Moon September 11th 2007 and Current Transits:

September 6, 2007

New Moon September 11th 2007

Well here is the new moon chart for Tuesday the 11th September 2007:

We are going to take this opportunity to talk about about current transits and do some forecasting. But before we do that let me just list the positions of the planets as shown in this new moon chart which has been set for Toronto because it is where I am. This chart is good for the whole Eastern Daylight Time [EDT] zone. At London U.K. the time is 12 Hours 45 Minutes GMT and on the West Coast 04 Hours 45 Minutes PST:

The Sun: 23 Degrees Leo 34 Minutes:
Moon: 23 D: Aquarius 34 M:
Mercury: 24 D: Virgo 22 M:
Venus: 21 D: Cancer 54 M: Direct 08th September:
Mars: 26 D: Taurus 23 M:
Jupiter: 16 D: Scorpio 57 M:
Saturn: 06 D: Leo 16 M:
Ouranus: 21 D: Aquarius: 47 M: Retrograde:
Moons North Node: 12 D Aquarius 47 M: Retrograde as always:
Neptune: 25 D: Capricorn: 02 M: Retrograde:
Pluto: 01 D: Sagittarius: 27 M: Retrograde:


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