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Fixed Cross Showdown:

September 14, 2007

Nothing quite like the Fixed Cross fully activated to build up tension. Taurus square Leo square Scorpio square Aquarius. That tension has a way of insinuating its way into every weakness and crack. There will be eruptions explosions and revolutions. Destruction will follow in the short and long term.

There will be much confusion: fixity causes charged delay, and delay causes crisis, which in turn provokes extreme reaction, many extreme reactions take the form of broken diplomatic relationships and even international violence.

With Saturn In Leo: July 23 2007-Sept 16 2009: This trend will continue through the transits of the other major planets and take different external forms as the planets move. But the central theme and trend will remain in effect: all established structures and institutions combined with their leaders will remain at issue. We see this clearly now in September. Global tensions are definitely rising

All of the above applies at a personal level, and some actions taken early this Saturn Ingress, after July 23rd, that may have seemed to be a good move at the time will show a tendency to blow up in ones face, and cause lasting damage. I never tire of telling my clients and friends to “avoid negative motivation in decision making”. Take the long view. Traditionally when making decisions and taking action under the influence of Saturn the question becomes: “how will this look seven years from now”?

Currently and temporarily these tensions are easing as Mars leaves Taurus on the 18th to enter Gemini, but what has already been set in motion will of course continue to play itself out.

As Mars enters Gemini on the 18th it forms a Square to the Sun and that may be the main trigger event.

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