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Mars Enters Sidereal Gemini 2007-09-18:

September 17, 2007


This is going to be one of the weirder Mars transits of Gemini because it goes Retrograde still in Gemini on November 15 [see below] and does not finally leave Gemini until April 30th 2008.Mars by being in Mercury ruled Gemini obviously stimulates mental activity and communications of all kinds. Journalism the Internet and political messages of every shade will be at serious issue as people who normally don’t notice that they are being told lies will wake up to the truth. The global currency and credit crisis already brewing will only get worse during the period of Mars being in Gemini.

Sun: 00Degrees Virgo 14 Minutes:
Moon: 15 D: Scorpio 28 M:
Mercury: 23 D: Virgo 57 M:
Venus: 23 D: Cancer 28 M:
Mars: 00 D: Gemini 00 M:
Jupiter: 17 D: Scorpio 42 M:
Saturn: 07 D: Leo 06 M:
Saturn In Leo: July 23 2007-Sept 16 2009:
Ouranus: 21 D: Aquarius: 31 M: Retrograde:
Moons North Node: 12 D Aquarius 02 M: Retrograde as always:
Neptune: 24 D: Capricorn: 53 M: Retrograde:
Pluto: 01 D: Sagittarius: 29 M: Retrograde:

The individual born with Mars in Gemini loves to argue and if it is afflicted will argue from false premises with fanatical fervor. Mars Retrograde in Gemini by birth progression or transit is most definitely afflicted. The bovine exudation meter is going to be at an all time high until April 30th 2008.

There is really only one defense from this epidemic of Bullshit, stick to the facts, double fact check the facts and believe nothing until you have done that. I don’t want to get Biblical on you or anything like that, because you know I don’t lean that way but “there will be wars and rumors of wars” and a constant danger that the global balance, precarious at best, will spiral out of all control.

We see that Jupiter is in Scorpio the Night House of Mars and Mars now in Gemini is in an Inconjunct 150 Degrees to Scorpio. Our enemies will be carrying on a daily running battle to undermine our confidence. This has already begun. All the little Hitlers and tyrants will be out in force meddling in things that do not concern them, carping and complaining that they are only interfering for the good of their victims.

Of course Mars ‘rules’ War and so there will be reverses in current wars and a potential for new ones to start.
Don’t get into any conflict that you can avoid until after the end of April 2008. Use strategic delay if you have to and if there is any possibility of a peace treaty or reconciliation then go for it. This transit of Mars is unfavorable to the aggressor.

If you were born between these dates the next seven and a half months are going to see a lot of changes come into your life, some of them completely unexpected:

June 16th to July 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Gemini.
September 17th to October 17th: Sun is in Sidereal Virgo.
December 16th to January 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Sagittarius.
March 15th to April 15th: Sun is in Sidereal Pisces.

Also if you were born with Mars Jupiter Saturn Ouranus or the North Node of the Moon in Sidereal Gemini then the same thing applies.

On the upside – I always like to get the bad news out of the way first – Gemini is Mutable Air which is to say that it facilitates mobility flexibility and creative speculation. Also there is going to be the period when Mars is in a Trine to Ouranus in Aquarius thats when the cat of truth jumps out of the bag of subterfuge.

At the end of November Jupiter Enters Sagittarius where it will remain for a year. With Saturn in Leo at the same time there will be extraordinary if brief optimism as the economy seems to rally just before it collapses.

Deeper Resonances:

The deeper and if you like more spiritual understanding of Mars in Gemini rests in this: Mars signifies Voluntarism, Action, Aggression, Libido etc. Now Gemini being the Second House of the Archetypal Zodiac signifies Mathematica, the Ego and the awareness of Self-worth.

Having or being a successful Ego rests in the selfs ability to add itself up to something positive and worthwhile. The Ego in this paradigm must of necessity be dual there is the Good Ego and it’s shadow the Bad Ego. The more powerful and socially evident the Good Ego becomes the more the self enjoys social equity. This form of equity easily translates into professional equity and so the second house also translates into earned income and wealth in general.

Gemini the day sign of Mercury is naturally intellectual in a superficial way unless there are strong Jupiter, Saturn, and Ouranian aspects, to lend it depth.

As I mentioned above Mars in Gemini loves to argue, it calls this ‘debate’ but if debate is defined as a method of setting up a dynamic dialog in order to establish the truth, then this is the last thing on Mars in Gemini’s mind. Mars in Gemini just wants to win the argument and driven by distorted ego urges will go to any lengths. Afflicted Mars in Gemini can distort and lie with an alacrity that would make a sociopath blush.

With Saturn also in Leo and Jupiter in the Mars house Scorpio we are in the process of witnessing the destruction of negative egos great and small.

There is a way forward through the hyper aggressive and distorted intellectual atmosphere of afflicted Mars in Gemini it is simple really. Refuse all ‘enemy making’ . Understand that ‘the news is being managed’ and I don’t just mean this as it applies to the media, watch out for it at work and in your personal life. Check the facts and double check the facts, ensure that you have the whole picture before you come to any decision. Disregard the ‘news source’ and go to the facts themselves. What you discover will both horrify you and liberate you from deception.

Mars Enters. Sidereal Gemini: Sept 18 2007: 09H: 15M:
Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Nov: 15 2007:
17D: Gemini: 35M: 08H: 26M:
Mars Direct in Taurus/Gemini: January: 30 2008:
29D:Taurus: 13M: 22H: 34M:
Mars Recrosses Retrograde Point: April 04 2008:
17D:Gemini: 35M:

Mars Enters. Sidereal Cancer: April 30: 2008: 02H: 18M:

  1. star permalink
    September 26, 2007 9:18 PM

    It looks as if I should expect a lot of changes in my life in the next seven and half months and I need to have my Bullshit meter on high.

    My natal North Node of the moon is in Gemini along with my Saturn Mars conjunction all being transited by Mars. Could I conclude that past karmic connections or circumstance will come into play in a big way? Pluto is also in conjunction with the South Node of the moon and my MC in Sagittarius.

    With transiting Neptune on my Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunction in Capricorn, along with my natal Neptune in the 7th house with the Sun transiting it at this time, will it be possible for me to sort out and see the deception from my partnerships, relationships, associations and of course my own self-deception ( of which I am a master)? I want to see it, I don’t want to be so easily deceived anymore. Is this the critical time when the window opens?

    This deception issue has been one of my greatest challenges and it seems to be coming to a crisis which warrants my greatest effort to see the truth of things. I will heed your warning to “stick to the facts, check the facts, before coming to any conclusions”.

    I appreciate your caution that “Our enemies will be carrying on a daily running battle to undermine our confidence…….. tyrants will be out in force meddling in things that do not concern them, carping and complaining that they are only interfering for the good of their victims.”

    I very much appreciate this caution and good advice.

    Thank you


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