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Current Transit Overview: Fall 2007:

October 2, 2007

Nebular Slice

The big deep moves are on, both at a personal and global level. Just beneath the superficial razmataz of Mars in Gemini, foundations are beginning to tremble and rock. The rumble is so far down that the sleepers can’t even hear it yet and the powers think it’s their rumble but boy oh boy are they in for a shock. The powers are armed to their artificial teeth with shock tactics and false flags and their compliant media whores and liars standing by ready to repeat what they are told.

Neptune is still clinging to the last tattered shreds of its great religious deception, but it is far from finished yet. The great shape shifter and master of disguise will soon present itself as a force of progress and enlightenment as it prepares to enter the constellation of sidereal Aquarius. Neptune is a gas giant and by any estimate an influential body. An insidious influential body.

Way way out there beyond Neptune so far away that the distance in close to inconceivable, Pluto recently demoted from planet to the status of an aimless Moon adrift at the dark end of the slum alleyway of the solar system is aligning itself to the galactic center in the stars of Sagittarius. Pluto potent like polonium 20 or Plutonium itself, so small yet so disruptive and catalytic is in the process of disrupting the balance of power or should I say the balance of the powers.

In reality the resonant energies and alchemical potencies of Neptune and Pluto are at the disposal of the master of the current game, Ouranus who gathers and grows in accumulating strength. That is Ouranus activating the Buddhist monks of Burma. If you understand sidereal astrology you got that right away, but perchance you didn’t the astro-logic is acute and pertinent.

Buddhism is by definition the transcendence, transformation and ultimate negation of karma. Saturn is karma and Saturn is now in Leo, the House of the Sun where it is weakened. That means that Saturn is being eclipsed for individuals and groups capable of being attuned to Ouranus who stands way outside and above the powers of karma ridden Saturn. Ouranus the freedom loving rebel in the stars of Aquarius is on the move. And what happens when Ouranus moves? A totally extreme explosive and ultimately unstoppable crisis.

Currently Jupiter in Scorpio is in a tight square with Ouranus and of course also in a square to Leo. As we know Jupiter ‘rules’ Religion and the Law and Scorpio night house of Mars – the Military – is also the place of death and resurrection. The Buddhist Monks of Burma who also have profound knowledge of Sidereal Astrology have waited all these years and chosen their destined moment well.

Every rigid and corrupt structure, regime and individual is at serious hazard now. Otherwise said it is ripe karma.


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