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Buddhist Monks: Jupiter Saturn Ouranus:

October 9, 2007

I see you have read my last post and cannot conceive that the Buddhist Monks of Burma and their supporters would willing place themselves at the hazard of persecution torture and death. And ripe national karma, what is that?

When it is the time of a truly significant destined event, nothing can prevent it. Individual and group freedom rests in the level of the response to the destined event. I said in my last post that the Buddhist Monks of Burma have deep knowledge of Sidereal Astrology and its karmic significance.

[…”Burma was the only part of the Indian Empire to separate itself completely from Great Britain on gaining independence. Full independence was granted at 04.H: 20.M: AM: on January 4th 1948. ‘the hour having been chosen by Burmese astrologers as auspicious’. The independence ceremonies took place ‘before dawn in bright moonlight’ in the capital Rangoon…”][The Book Of World Horoscopes – Nicholas Campion. -The Aquarian Press 1988]

There is only one next thing to do here and that is to look at this ‘auspicious’ chart of Burmese Nationhood.



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