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Moon Full In Aries:

October 23, 2007

October Full Moon: Thursday October 25th 2007:
Toronto: 11:52: PM EST:


This is definitely one of the juiciest and most intense full Moons in quite a while.

The full Moon in Aries will amplify any idealism you may have in you. If you are one of those sad last men who are unable to conceive any ideal state or condition then this resonance will just make you dangerously vehement and determined to have your own way or get blasted. Watch out you don’t get yourself arrested!

There are still a lot of romantic souls around so this full moon will make them want to reach for the stars of ideal love. Just make sure you really and truly mean it if you are going to be saying “I love you”. There is definitely something “sweeping you off your feet” about this configuration. If you read my recent piece about Mars in Gemini where it still is, then you are on the look out for pleasant sounding bullshit.

Venus in Leo here with Saturn at its back and in square to Jupiter in Scorpio while being opposite Ouranus means inflation, market volatility, risk taking and disaster. If this strongly aspects your chart money issues can get extremely tense in partnership and marriage. Also this aspect encourages the kind of sexual activity which you almost invariably regret.

There is a grand trine in Air involving Mars in Gemini Mercury Sun in Libra and Moons North Node in Aquarius with Ouranus, so big plans are in the works. Just make sure you let the light show end before you commit, the squares and oppositions involving Venus Jupiter and Ouranus, spoken of above are in effect.

If you are inwarldy stable enough to ride and focus these energies then you are in for a few very productive and gratifying days.

Sun: 07 Degrees Libra 32 Minutes:
Moon: 07 Degrees: Aries 32 Minutes:
Mercury: 02 Degrees: Libra 40 Minutes: Retrograde:
Venus: 21 Degrees: Leo 06 Minutes:
Mars: 14 Degrees: Gemini 59 Minutes:
Jupiter: 23 Degrees: Scorpio 38 Minutes:
Saturn: 11 Degrees: Leo 09 Minutes:
Saturn In Leo: July 23 2007-Sept 16 2009:
Ouranus: 20 Degrees: Aquarius: 16 Minutes:
Moons North Node:
10 Degrees Aquarius 40 Minutes:
Retrograde as always:
Neptune: 24 D: Capricorn: 24 M: Retrograde:
Pluto: 02 D: Sagittarius: 04 M: Retrograde:

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