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If There Was No Moon:

October 31, 2007


Interestingly the Moon is a gigantic extract of the Earth. Over thirty million years ago a huge chunk of something an asteroid perhaps slammed into the earth which was in a semi-fluid hot magma state at the time. The impact removed a massive piece of the original earth and sent it into orbit. This orbiting blob of hot magma became spheroid as it orbited and cooled thus forming the Moon.

[…”In a recent workshop called “Earth-Moon Relationships,” psychologists discussed the relation between the lunar phases and several aspects of life. There was a very interesting correlation, not with the birth of children, but with the time of conception. Perhaps that is due to some social or sentimental value of the Moon. We tend to forget the impact the Moon has on our lives because we use electric lights, but for most of our history we had to adapt our behavior to the lunar phases…”]

If We Had No Moon

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