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November 22, 2007


Jupiter is quite probably the most popular of the Planets with celebrity Venus shining brightly right beside it. Jupiter is the Great Benefic and has been widely regarded since the earliest times as the bestower of all things wise, abundant and happy.

Jupiter rules state religion and all of the true believer devotees of that religion. By extension Jupiter also rules the law, initially as the wise explicator of theology and how revealed theological law applies to the nation and it’s citizens. Jupiter lends sagacity and coherence to bodies of law and thus is developmentally engaged in the formation of constitutions and legal systems.

Cicero was convinced that religion was a great boon to society because it kept people well behaved, thus saving money on law enforcement. Jupiter also rules the Monarchy and combined with the Sun represents the highest authority in the land. It is also well understood that it behooves a ruler to have the same religion as their people.

Jupiter engaged as it is in the giving of form and coherence to theological and legal ethics is also deeply engaged in architecture as it pertains to temples churches cathedrals and government institutions. Jupiter represents the quality and dignity of a cultures thinkers, philosophy, universities, philanthropy, publishing.

The thing to understand about Jupiter is his ability to lean into any form and expand from within it. Then Jupiter IS that form, while simultaneously remaining himself. Jupiter is the ultimate shape-shifter and redeemer. By becoming that form he imbues it with his qualities which have been described above. In this sense also Jupiter is the ultimate educator because he continuously expands the horizons of every form and being.

The ‘mood’ of Jupiter is significantly different at virtually every degree of the Zodiac. This reflects the nature of the shape-shifter. Neptune too is a shape shifter but there is no coherence order or continuity to the the mirror and shadow play of Neptune. With Jupiter there is always deep method and purpose to any apparent madness. It is up to us to expand our awareness to meet the lessons that Jupiter teaches. Neptune is not teaching anything at all beyond the banal fact that any perception can be replaced by another perception.

Jupiter is an ever expanding being with an ever expanding horizon of awareness and presence. The ancients worshiped him as a God. In Egypt he was Amon and Amun in Greece he was Zeus. In India he was and remains Brihaspati and Ganesh also Guru. From the brow of Jupiter Zeus sprang Aphrodite Venus, fully formed, hence Venus is exalted in Jupiter ruled Pisces. In the Christian West he is the Logos the living Cosmic Christ. As such he is the embodiment of Love Wisdom Freedom and Faith Hope and Charity.

Jupiter can lead to dangerous excess of a peculiarly self righteous kind. The excess can cover the span from physical obesity to grandiose notions of self importance and the worst kinds of ideological and religious fanaticism. A safe outlet for these impulses is the attaining of celebrity as a ‘great’ actor. Jupiter also figures in the charts of outstanding fascists who believe that God or Destiny has appointed them to a great mission.

To give you a more generous and detailed understanding of Jupiter I have outlined Jupiter’s relationship with all the other Planets:

SUN: JUPITER: When Jupiter is in a Conjunction with the Sun it is Positive, Generous, and Optimistic. When otherwise in a harmonious relationship to the Sun it is Benevolent, Magnanimous, and Prophetic. When the relationship between Jupiter and the Sun is discordant it is Extravagant, Ostentatious and Speculative. The revelation in every case is Individual Philosophy.

MOON: JUPITER: When Jupiter is in a Conjunction with the Moon it is Expansive, Fruitful and Jovial. When otherwise in a harmonious relationship with the Moon it is Generous, Compassionate and Grateful. When the relationship between the Moon and Jupiter is discordant it is Careless, Exaggerative, and Wanton. The revelation in every case is Emotional Expansion.

MERCURY: JUPITER: When Jupiter is in a conjunction with Mercury the Native is Thoughtful, Philosophical and Far-seeing. When otherwise in a harmonious relationship with Mercury the Native is Discerning, Sagacious and Humorous. When the aspects are discordant the Native may be Pathological, Indiscriminate, and destructively verbose. The revelation in every case is Mental Space.

VENUS: JUPITER : When Jupiter is in a positive conjunction to Venus the Native is Exuberant, Confident, and Profuse. When otherwise harmoniously configured the Native is Joyous, Lucky, and Generous. When Jupiter and Venus are ill aspected it makes its Natives Excessive, Wasteful, and Selfish. In every case the relationship between Jupiter and Venus signifies Romantic and Mystical Space.

MARS: JUPITER : The conjunction of Jupiter and Mars is the epitome of the joy of living and makes its Natives Joyful, Magnetic and Lively. When otherwise positively configured the Native is Cheerful, Achieving, and Constructive. When discordantly aspected Jupiter and Mars makes it’s Natives, Pushing, Overdoing and Audacious. In every case Jupiter Mars reveals Dynamic Space.

JUPITER: SATURN: The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn makes it’s Natives, Conservative, Law-Abiding and Well-Directed. When otherwise well configured the Native is Honorable, Destined and Disciplined. When the aspects are discordant the Native is Ponderous, Self-Doubting, and Manic-Depressive. In every case Jupiter Saturn reveals Philosophical Structure.

JUPITER: OURANUS: The conjunction of Jupiter Ouranus makes its Natives Wholistic, Original and Explorative. When otherwise harmoniously configured the Native is Humanitarian, Progressive and Insightful. Should the relationship between Jupiter and Ouranus be discordant the Native is Deviant, Injudicious, and Perversely Radical. In every case Jupiter Ouranus reveals Philosophical Originality.

JUPITER: NEPTUNE: When Jupiter and Neptune are in a positive conjunction the Native is Mystical, Meditative, and Compassionate. When otherwise harmoniously configured Jupiter Neptune makes its Natives, Reverent, Hospitable, and Empathic. When discordant the Native is Escapist, Deluded, and Negatively Elusive.

JUPITER: DRAGON-HEAD: The conjunction of Jupiter and the Dragons Head makes its Natives Compelling, Sectarian, and Enterprising. If well aspected Expansive, Sincere, and Spiritual. When negatively aspected the Native is Bigoted, Hypocritical, and Grandiose. Reveals Philosophical Karma.

JUPITER: DRAGONS TAIL: Conjunction: Buoyant, Resourceful, and Connected. Harmonious: Knowing, Insightful, Generous. When Discordant: Extravagant, Mendacious, Careless.

JUPITER: PLUTO: Conjunction: Invincible, Egoistic, Solipsistic. Harmonious: Directed, Enduring, Convinced. Negative: Over-Ambitious, Inquisitorial, Inscrutable. Reveals: Philosophical Undoing.

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  1. star permalink
    November 25, 2007 8:49 PM

    I was interested in what you had to say about the Jupiter positioned in Sag. and also Jupiter’s relationship to other planets. Thanks S.

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