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Sun In Sidereal Capricorn:

January 15, 2008

Capricorn Glyph Copyright ABE:

Archetypal Zodiac: The Ninth Constellation and Starhouse : Capricorn:

January 15th -February 15th

The Sun is in the Constellation of CAPRICORN:

Whatever this world and this life may be, you know you didn’t come here willingly.

A stranger in a strange land you look out into the world clear eyed and free of all illusion. You know that all you really have is yourself your vision, your goal and the determination to get on with it. Others mistake this for ambition, not understanding either your utter inner solitude or your determination to remain self reliant free and independent.

You like to control things situations and people, and you are well used to hearing yourself described as a “control freak”. Because you know who you are you really don’t care what others choose to think of you. What you do care about is having your life work really well. When you find yourself sorting out and imposing order upon the confusion and chaos that others so easily lapse into you notice that they don’t call you a “control freak” then. Or if they do it’s with affection and gratitude.

Endurance is a big word in your lexicon. You are able to walk into a new situation or job and at a glance see who is really who and who is still going to be there in a years time. This is one of the reasons why you so rarely have to fight for what you want. With you it’s all about timing patience and endurance. You don’t suffer fools easily and characteristically you deal with them by ignoring them. And you are so good at this that they rarely even notice. You like to move through the spaces in the world quietly surreptitiously without ever wasting energy or time in pointless encounters or confrontations.

Being essentially cautious you are rarely the first one to adopt a new method or technology, preferring to let others be the experimental test market. Once a new method or technology has proven its worth, you will adopt it, master it and get the best out of it.

Sometimes you appear cold to those who mistake worthless emotionalism and histrionics for true feelings. What you have, you hold, protect and cherish. Your feelings are deep and contained within a determination to keep what is private from the eyes of the merely curious and profane.

Profoundly aware of deep spirituality you choose with care those you will discuss these matters with. You see clearly that traditional religion is a cultural and social affair, the embodiment of history, which is why you participate in it. But authentic spirituality belongs to the few. Mysticism and occultism come naturally to you and you are fearless in these areas.

Often you live in a haunted house without mentioning it out of respect for the Ghosts privacy. When you begin to learn how to meditate you take to it naturally. Transcendence is not your problem you are already innately enlightened, no the problem is whither or not you are going to fully embrace this Earth and this Humanity and stay until everyone goes free.

Element: Cardinal Earth:
Ruler: Saturn:
Exaltation: Mars:
Detriment: Moon:
Fall: Jupiter:
Sense: Perception:
Philosophy: Spiritism:
Archetypal Zodiac: 9th House.
Age of Pisces: 11th House.

The 9th starhouse is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is traditionally known as the Night Starhouse – the purely spiritual home of Saturn. Whereas the 10th house of Aquarius is the Day Starhouse or more public objective, manifest in the world of man – the archetypal image of the human being appearing in the world.

Capricorn is philosophical SPIRITISM: A statement of this world-view would be: “The world is an illusion. Only the spirit is real”.

The ancient Astrologers attribute Higher Mind to the 9th and, also, involvement in religion, metaphysics, theosophy and higher forms of yoga and meditation.

The ruling planet Saturn is philosophical Gnosis – as in the words diagnosis and prognosis – meaning true and certain knowledge. Thus, we are also here dealing with “revelation” or direct vision and perception of the spirit.

The sphere of Saturn governs the great cycles of Karmic time and it is revealing in this regard to note that ancient Hindu astrology calls Capricorn (Saturn) Makara, which is an anagram of the word Karma. Here we are looking at spiritual Karma. If the 9th Starhouse is Higher Mind, then, of course, the Karma is to do with the native’s religious and ethical upbringing – the spiritual / cultural traditions and institutions of the family and nation to which the native is born.

The 9th Starhouse reveals the extent to which the Native is integrated and evolved as a spiritual being. Memory in its higher states is also indicated by the 9th, its ruler and the aspects to it. The position of Saturn in combination with the 9th house ruler will reveal the capacity for spiritual self-remembering and the native’s potential as a holy person or initiate. In particular, observe the mutual strength of Saturn and Mercury and such planets as may be in Starhouses ruled by Saturn and/or Mercury.

Next, turn to the relationship between Venus and Jupiter to see to what extent they support or detract from the Saturn / Mercury configuration. The next consideration is the Saturn / Sun relationship in combination with Mars /Moon and the Nodes of the Moon.

A retrograde Saturn invariably speaks of an added spiritual awareness continued directly from a previous lifetime. The position of a retrograde Saturn will always indicate the area of life experience given over to the native’s own sense of conscious timing, as regards an appropriate approach to higher spiritual development.

The 9th starhouse is traditionally associated with philosophy and publishing, particularly of sacred texts. Indeed, for long ages, the main function of publishing was to provide adequate supplies of philosophical, religious and cultural texts to an elite religious and academic community.

Philosophy is grounded in traditions, which reach back to the pre-Socratic masters Heraclitus and Paramenides. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to this day provide the foundation of western philosophy. They were themselves venerable old men – living Saturns on Earth – and they spent their lives in the development of Gnosis, i.e., knowledge, true knowledge in its deepest sense. Therefore, as lovers of truth, they are called philo-sophers, i.e., philo = love, Sophia = truth. The 9th starhouse reveals the extent to which the native is a lover of truth.

What I wish to convey here remains true even in the post Heidegger era of Derrida and the deconstruction of tradition. The essential insight is that the ‘truth’ can be analyzed by enduring thought. The tradition of Gnosis itself remains intact.

The preservation of the truth from the past through the present into the future involves the written or printed word. Even in this age of highly developed microcomputers, philosophical texts will continue to flourish simply because philosophy, where it truly exists, always has the contemplative nature of Saturn / Gnosis and Spiritism in it.

A lower function of Saturn in the modern age is its rulership of computer memory capacity and the preservation of data banks, which are the core of the perpetuation of all modern institutions and corporations.

The expression of philosophy and religion into society at large takes the form of art and exhibitions. Historically speaking, all art throughout the world was fostered by philosophies and religions. From a 9th starhouse point of view, art, which does not express the spiritual, is quite obviously not art.

The sense associated with the Capricorn-ruled 9th starhouse is Vision. This encompasses the whole function of spiritual perception, its expression in a visual medium and the physical eyes able to regard and appreciate it. Illuminated sacred texts are an exemplification of the 9th starhouse. The association of this starhouse with education and institutions of higher learning, such as, universities, seminaries and centers of spiritual learning, will strike the reader as obvious.

All of the above determines the native’s true position in the world of humanity and in the world of the spirit.


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