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Sun in Sidereal Taurus:

May 15, 2008

Taurus May 15 - June 16

Sun in Taurus May 15th to June 16th

Now the adventure into the enigma of destiny in time begins:

The Sun is in the Constellation of TAURUS:

Life is good when it’s easy predictable and calm. Good to think about all the different ways to understand and describe things. A positive outlook, steady work, good friend’s, good food, good surroundings and interesting things to look foreword to be all that it takes to keep you happy. And when the music is good too, life is close to perfect.

But then the doubts come followed by that awful feeling of indifference and emptiness. Is this the awareness of mortality? It is all you can do to just simply endure going through the empty motions to get from one day to the next until that abominable inner heaviness lifts and the world becomes real and alive once more.

Well liked by most, you find it easy to make your way in the world. People like you, befriend you and will open no end of doors to you; so that the world could easily become your oyster. But you have no ambition as such beyond a desire for security. The only thing that moves you is the love of a thing that gives you well being while you do it. This very lack of cold ambition and the stubborn determination to do only what you love is the foundation of your good character.

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