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Sidereal Winter Solstice December 21 2008:

December 20, 2008
The Longest Night

The Longest Night

Naturally we think of the Winter Solstice as a time-seed destined to grow through the coming Spring Equinox on March 21st and bear its karmic fruits at the coming Summer Solstice on the 21st of July 2009. That ripe karma is confronted and harvested at the Autumnal Equinox on September 21st.

By looking into the Winter Solstice chart we can garner a sense of what will unfold and be important in the world at large during the coming six months.

Significant conjunctions and aspects in the Solstice chart connecting to our individual birth chart can tell us about spiritual initiatives and purposes in our personal lives.

This current Winter Solstice chart is compelling to say the least. The fact that almost all the planets are in the South East Quadrant jumps out at us immediately. Also everything is clustered in the East as if walled in by the Saturn Ouranus Opposition from Leo to Aquarius. That Opposition has been ravaging the world for almost a year and will continue to bring about a radical realignment of the balance of power throughout 2009.

Alarming is the close triple Conjunction in Sagittarius of Mars & Sun & Pluto! with Mercury in its detriment leading the pack. This looks violent and we are certainly having violent weather, but this looks like new international Military violence. As if there wasn’t enough armed conflict, going on in the world already. For reasons we can’t go into here the polarity of Sagittarius Gemini is intimately connected to the Hispanic World and to International Borders and to boundary issues in general.

Capricorn is host to Jupiter which entered on Saturday the 13th of December. In Capricorn too we find Rahu* & Venus & Neptune. If Rahu (the Moons north Node) is current karma intensified and Venus is Money and Victory and Neptune is Deception and Victimization, then we are in for far more shocking and life altering revelations than we have heard even up to now. Capricorn rules the Institutions of the Establishment.

With Jupiter the Significator of wealth and expansion in Saturn’s House of contraction and restriction the financial liquidity promised by all these bailout packages and programs aren’t likely to do much good. Jupiter in Capricorn tends to be non-materialistic and spiritual in its outlook. Won’t be long before we start listening to a lot of tripe about how good poverty is.

A peculiarity of Sidereal Astrology is that when you find the Moon in the 29th Degree of a sign as it is here in Virgo there tends to be a lack of fulfillment.

These are just a few notes to help students of Sidereal Astrology to get into this chart. If you need a more exhaustive interpretation of this or any other chart including your own, then contact me.

* Rahu is the Hindu Astrological name for the North Node of the Moon or Dragons Head. I prefer the term both for its sound and brevity. The South Node of the Moon or Dragons Tail is called Ketu.

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