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Earth Perihelion Jan: 04 2009:

January 2, 2009


Most people including most astrologers have never heard of the Earth Perihelion. I only mention this so that you shouldn’t feel uninformed at the discovery of this chart.

The Planets orbit around the Sun in great ellipses. When a Planet is at its closest point to the Sun that is called its Perihelion when it is at its greatest distance from the Sun that is called its Aphelion.

Obviously these Perihelion Aphelion rhythms carry significant astrological meaning. Over many years of observation and meditation I have come to realize that the Earth Perihelion chart as shown here for 2009 carries profound significance for the coming Earth Solar cycle.

When the Winter Solstice occurs in the norther hemisphere on the 21st of December that same date signifies the Summer Solstice in the Southern hemisphere.

This Perihelion chart on the other hand signifies the beginning of the new cycle for the whole of Planet Earth simultaneously. This chart truly signifies New Years Day for the whole planet.

Here are the planets positions for this years Perihelion set at Toronto which is where I am. If you want to recalculate for London U.K. add 05: Hours. If for the West coast subtract 03: Hours and so on. The Planets positions will remain the same, but of course the House positions will change.


Several days ago when Mars reached its Conjunction with Pluto… Israel attacked Gaza and instantly drew the attention and ire of the whole world. When things happen in Sagittarius news travels fast. If a peace settlement is not accomplished by Sunday the open conflict and taking of lives will continue indefinitely and may spread to other parts of the Middle East. The polarizing of global opinion against Israel will increase.

A Mars Pluto Conjunction in Sagittarius is a highly dangerous and inflammatory event. And as we see has correlated with the Israeli attack on Gaza on the 27th of December.
On the 20th I wrote in connection with the Solstice chart:

“Alarming is the close triple Conjunction in Sagittarius of Mars & Sun & Pluto! with Mercury in its detriment leading the pack. This looks violent and we are certainly having violent weather, but this looks like new international Military violence.”

With the Moon Waxing just past its First ¼ at 21D: Pisces 23: M: we can expect all the conditions prevailing in this Perihelion chart to continue to expand during the coming cycle.

The comment I made on the 20th about Saturn Ouranus still holds true:
Also everything is clustered in the East as if walled in by the Saturn Ouranus Opposition from Leo to Aquarius. That Opposition has been ravaging the world for almost a year and will continue to bring about a radical realignment of the balance of power throughout 2009.

In this chart we have Jupiter/Mercury/Rahu/Neptune in Capricorn with Saturn the Sign Ruler Retrograde in Leo 26D: 53: M and of course still opposite Ouranus in Aquarius.

The upshot of all this is that the Establishment will not be able to get its act together and will continue to suffer one Ouranian shock to the system after another. Many old leaders will die or be deposed. Celebrities will also suffer unexpected deaths and accidents. The balance of power will continue to shift in radical ways.

Public disappointment in Barak Obama will ensue very quickly after his inauguration on the 20th of January.

Here at home in Canada the political scene will remain troubled and unstable. Michael Ignatieff the new leader of the Liberal Party will discover an unimpressed Canadian electorate and Stephen Harper will remain Prime Minister.

In the GTA… which has a horribly Saturnine and Capricornian chart…real estate values will suffer like never before. An exodus from Toronto is to be expected during 2009.

For those willing to befriend Saturn and embrace responsibility, tight budgets and hard work 2009 can be a year of steady if slow progress in the face of tangible obstacles.


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