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Sun Is In Sidereal Aquarius:

February 15, 2009


Sun is In Sidereal Aquarius:

February 15th, 2008 -March15th, 2008:

This is going to be another intense year for Sidereal Aquarius. Saturn remains in Leo and Ouranus remains in Aquarius. Scroll down and look at any of the Moon charts and you will see that opposition clearly presented.

What does it mean? Ongoing developmental obstacles to be overcome as part of a long term vision for your life with the Ouranian option to introduce qualities and elements into that vision which exemplify your unique and possibly eccentric selfhood.

Doesn’t sound bad at all when you look at it that way. Being tested and developed here is your own inmost self and your belief in who you really are. Money could be tight…it still would be even if there was no global financial crisis…budget and endure. Being Aquarius you have little or no reliance on external symbols or trappings in order to live a full life.

If you were born between today and the 1st of March then the most intense and difficult part of the Saturn Sun Opposition is over. You are now concentrating on the future and the shape you want to give it. There is a new energy and willingness to engage.

If born between March 1st and 14th then you are going to spend the rest of this year balancing an emerging new and more radically capable  identity within the constructs of your life and the world. It can be exhilarating and self affirming to discover that for all your uniqueness  you do have a real and valuable place in the world of others.

You are learning…sometimes painfully… to place a proper value upon yourself and claim the rewards you rightfully deserve.

In relationship you know you have changed in deep ways and may not be able to imagine yet what kind of partner you could possibly be with. Right now if you are not already involved romantically steer clear of new involvements for a while. Stay solo so that you can work undistracted.

Listen to your own drummer follow your own dream. An obstacle is simply an invitation to refine your already carefully thought out strategy.

Get this year right and the world is your oyster and your place to be magnanimous and giving.

Sun is In Sidereal Aquarius:

Aquarius is the waterman, who stands on high pouring the Etheric “waters” of life into the growing body of humanity. Aquarius is the archetype of the perfected human being, whose nation is Universal Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, status or color.

In the 7th starhouse we discover our experience of other individual beings, through the various states of mutual or antagonistic desire, creating thereby an astral climate into which the yet-to-be-born freely play. The yet-to-be-born are involved in this way with the archetypal triangle and constantly seek to attune the world to their entry into it. The archetypal triangle is in this way manifest in its microcosmic aspect.

The yet-to-be-born, as beings, are overwhelmed by an erotic desire to manifest themselves in the world of physical sensation. The man and woman in the 7th starhouse experience this as yet “invisible” third point in the triangle as a profound desire for each other. Birth, being this overwhelming need for corporeal existence, is indeed a fall out of the spiritual world – with the result that the man and woman fall in love. The love began in the 5th starhouse, receiving there all the higher grace-filled perfection of a romantic mystical longing to consummate the original Osiris and Isis and to bring into creative manifestation the new Osiris and Isis, who are able to love straight through into eternity. No state on Earth is more hope-filled and ardently creative than this “being in love” that would take all humanity to heaven with it, if it only could. But unfortunately – and by the mysterious impersonal will of the Solar Logos – lovers and the world are in the cycle of rebirths under the Law of Karma, and so before their love can manifest fully in the world it must pass through the total content of the 6th starhouse.

In this context we may observe that the 6th rules Karmic relations that must be “worked” upon in this lifetime – in other words “the path of true love never runs smoothly”. Should the mutual love be greater than the activated 6th starhouse content, then all goes well.

The third factor is, of course, the yet-to-be-born, who, at this stage, having joined itself, through the grace-filled love of higher spiritual worlds, with the man and woman in the fifth, is now actively engaged in attuning its family Karma and facing the emotional, spiritual impact of the life to come. The vibration of resolve permeates all aspects of the lovers’ lives and everything between them becomes a matter of moral integrity. The Venus-Mercury beings in the 6th embody their capacity to co-ordinate their individual lives in such a way that they are in every way more and higher human beings joined than apart and the yet-to-be-born is filled with the longing to make this new lifetime in every way better than the last.

When the resolve has reached the appropriate stage (depending upon the Karma involved) on the part of all three beings, man woman and yet-to-be-born, conception takes place.

The Karma or destiny is a twofold process in time, in as much as the human being, upon realizing itself as an individualized beings, always finds itself with a past or pre-existence and, simultaneously, with a future filled with the psychomagnetic energy of Karma yet to be fulfilled. We can see the 6th house is quite clearly the starhouse of Karmic manifestations, whereas the 8th is the starhouse of Karmic fulfillment’s.

The 6th is “realism” in every sense of the word; it is where we first discover ourselves as “Being” in the context of a pre-existing world. The 8th is the power and scope of where our Karma carries us to in the wide world, seeking to experience the future, tempered by whatever grain of wisdom is at our disposal. In the 7th starhouse we are the word made flesh, bound together by forces not always under our control. New worlds seek existence in shared creativity.

Every successful marriage or partnership is a force that heals and recreates the surrounding world, becoming a magnetic centre for “family” in the widest sense. The 8th starhouse is that larger shared Karmic content, hence, it also determines the partner’s resources at every level. The quality and magnitude of what may yet be created in mutual accord is determined by the success of the process begun in the 5th. In the 9th, we discover, if the union is mild, a creature of one or two lifetimes of superficial Karmic adjustment, or, if the union is intense and profound, a deep and ancient connection grounded in eternity with many lifetimes behind it, yet ever present.

The 8th starhouse is the Karmic content of this higher love in eternity – the Karma and destiny of the soul mate as a conscious spiritual being, at one in the depths, yet actively dual in the creation of a higher reality.

There are many avenues open to human beings for every kind of relationship and intercourse with others. The relationship stated called “soul mate” pre-supposes mutual spiritual love and consciousness. It is entirely monogamous for in it the one that is two becomes one again. Here becomes manifest the macrocosmic triangle with the Living Solar Logos as third point. It is the “word made flesh” in its highest sense and the ultimate destiny of all those who know and cultivate spiritual love. A higher birth takes place – the birth of the archetypal human being in the 10th starhouse of Aquarius – sexless and androgynous, yet out-pouring ardent warmth from the ever-changing wellsprings of Cosmic Love and self-awareness-being-present to all things – sexless and androgynous because fully consummated, ardent and loving in the profoundest certainty that the love won through the soul mate destiny is of a nature and quality that permits the self to enter into all new love relationships without fear that adverse Karma will thereby be created, or if created will surely be overcome. The perfected human being is wise in love and, therefore, free. This whole process is more or less realized, more or less distorted, depending upon the stage of development currently being enjoyed by the human being.

We look to both the 10th starhouse and the constellation of Aquarius to discover the spiritual emancipation of the native and their capacity as whole beings to form a relationship with humanity at large. Saturn in Aquarius is the pure crystalline archetype of the human being made in the image of the Solar Logos at the dawn of creation. Uranus in Aquarius is the developmental stage of the future human being throughout the coming age of Aquarius. The Ouranian beings endow mankind with the creative impulses to fulfill the Solar Logos image in a spirit of originality and freedom and the inventive flexibility to introduce the highest-minded creativity into the realm of moral intelligence and imagination.

Here at the dawn of the age of Aquarius, a few individuals are suffering the birth pangs of new evolutionary tasks, but, as time unfolds over a 2,160 year period, starting in 2,376 AD the Aquarians will give birth to a new world culture.

Aquarian consciousness is ‘pneumatism‘, which, in this context and simply put, means the capacity to enter into conscious relationship with human beings, angels, gods and the Spiritual Sun through the perfection of the “I am” as presence in the world. Aquarius rules the Etheric, [just a simplified term for all life animating energy] the life state immediately above the mineral. A major aspect of Uranian consciousness is the formation of mutually aware etheric relationships. It is in the etheric that we meet the being known to mankind as the Solar Logos, who is the full perfection of the macrocosmic “I am”, or archetypal human.

In the past, an exemplary 10th starhouse condition meant the sustaining of what had been realized in the beginning. It was an awareness that looked back to a golden age for guidance. Religions, such as, Hinduism, and, with modifications, Islam, have this memorial quality. Buddhism is the full realization of the importance of NOW as a central mode of man’s spiritual being. The Bodhisattvas of compassion were beings vibrant in a humanness freed from the past and unconcerned about the future.

The first phase of Christianity, with its stress upon the second coming, has imparted to humanity the faculty of being able to actively “FUTURE” and focus psychomagnetic forces upon the new. The Aquarian human being will be able to focus all three modes of time simultaneously. Such is the nature of higher mind that it is able at will to be past / present / future in any combination. The truly human being is a body of time. And so at the dawn of the age, an awareness of reincarnation and Karma flourishes in a still somewhat surprised Western World.

As we outgrow the darkling enigma of death, we enter into a transformed experience of time and, thus, gain eternity. There will soon come a time when only individuals responsible to the past, present and future will occupy any position of status or rank in society – individuals whose life work or career will embody the next stage of planetary evolution.

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