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Moon Full Tuesday March 10th 2009:

March 7, 2009
Moon Full Tuesday March 10 2009 at Toronto EST

Moon Full Tuesday March 10 2009 at Toronto EST

One look at this full Moon chart and the critical tension of the Leo Aquarius polarity impresses itself immediately. What happens here will be a clear image of what is going to be happening throughout the rest of this year.

This full Moon is a powerful decision maker both at a Macro and Micro level. Very powerful leaders and celebrities are at hazard here in this “adversity to the King/Queen” transit.

At a personal level, given that this Moon directly aspects your chart, it will be a time of hard decision making and directional choice. Career public standing, wealth and lack thereof will be at issue.

Expect stock markets and currencies to reach a new clarity in this critical stage of Global economic adjustment. The illusion of ‘bail out’ is going to see Global Corporations take an even worse hammering.

Saturn + Moon in a Conjunction in Leo can only mean that the price of Gold and metals in general will be going through dramatic readjustments. Does the price go up or down? My clients know.

Within a few days of this full Moon the Transiting Sun will be in an exact Conjunction to Ouranus in Aquarius, a freedom loving and rebellious transit if ever there was one.

Moon Full March 10th 2009 Positions and Closest Aspects:

Moon Full March 10th 2009 Positions and Closest Aspects:

Look closer and see the Dragons Head in Capricorn right on the Deep Heaven I.C. in this Toronto chart. Toronto real estate values will continue their decline but now more dramatically than ever and a deep flaw previously overlooked or hidden in the Mayors leadership will be revealed. I have long predicted an exodus from Toronto during this period and extending out to 2012; this transit emphasizes that process.

As Jupiter in Capricorn for most of the rest of this year reaches Neptune which as you can see has just poked its illusion filled head into three minutes of stark realist Aquarius many illusions will be exposed and destroyed.

Mars and Mercury in Aquarius stimulates positive independent thinking and originality in planning and problem solving. A new pragmatism emerges, ideological affiliations crumble as their falsity becomes clear to all.

From the 1st of April through the 18th Mars is applying to an Opposition to Saturn and a Conjunction to Ouranus. Now taht is going to be explosive.

Jupiter at exactly 20 Degrees Capricorn is in an exact Sextile to Retrograde Venus at exactly 20 Degrees Pisces. Methinks there is crisis brewing between our Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and the heads of the Chartered Banks.

If this Sextile directly aspects your personal chart and you are skating on thin financial ice it is unlikely crack. Now isn’t that good news?


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