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Sun In Sidereal Aries: April 15th May 15th 2009:

April 14, 2009
Sidereal Glyph Aries April  15th  - May 15th

Sidereal Glyph Aries April 15th - May 15th

Archetypal Zodiac:




Being born in Sidereal Aries you are an essentially positive restless and idealistic character. Always ready to move on to the next thing you display a degree of energy and drive that fills your life with considerable excitement. Your super abundant energy is the envy of your friends and enemies alike.

You despise everything common ordinary and mediocre. Life is an opportunity to explore new possibilities to pioneer something new and excel in it.

When young your instincts may encourage you to enter athletics police work or the military. You can easily rise to the top of these or any chosen trade or profession that requires real stamina, drive and determination. You will find the dull routine and boring side of any occupations hard to bear and will in all probability be found bucking the system and trying to change the way things are done, for the better.

You are formidable in any fight or argument and will stand your ground under the severest fire. Intellectual Aries are found at the top of large organizations and institutions. Where they can be heard saying things like “Life is war”.

You often smile somewhat mischievously when you say things like this.

No matter what your current life circumstances may be, you think big and free. If your impatience with the system gets the better of you then you will be found self employed with a valuable skill, or running your own business.

In love you are super idealistic and romantic with exceptionally strong passions and capacity for physical intimacy. You like a partner that you can do things with and you like to conspire to conquer the world together.

Spiritual life is important to you provided it does not involve anything vague tricky or unsure. Your spiritual inclinations are idealistic and demanding of certainty. You need to be able to easily defend your spiritual convictions in a debate. There is some danger of fanaticism and a tendency to push your views on others. Also you may embrace a belief system simply because it is revolutionary. You can be seduced by political and spiritual ideologies that promise to save the world. With the Sun exalted in your chart you are determined to change the world, if Mars is also exalted or well positioned you might just succeed.

It is in your fate to see many of the things you aspire to and try to achieve either not measure up to your expectations or unravel altogether. In consternation and despair you will see those around you choose the ordinary, the safe and boringly secure. You will feel betrayed by their lack of faith and vision. But nothing will stop you from aspiring to the ideal and trying to change the world for the better.

Element: Cardinal Fire.
Ruler: Mars.
Exaltation: Sun.
Detriment: Venus and Mercury.
Fall: Saturn.
Sense: Speech.
Philosophy: Idealism.
Archetypal Zodiac: 12th House.
Age of Pisces: 2nd House.

The fiery Idealism of Aries is its central strength and also source of its Undoing. As ruler of the Archetypal 12th Star House Aries the exaltation of the Sun quickens all who enter it into a more intensified life. Mars in Aries is highly active impatient and intent upon getting things done as quickly as possible.

The true Idealist is naturally able to understand how any situation, way of doing things, or institution, can be improved and made more ideal. Any Planet that is positioned in or passing through the 12th house is subjected to a highly intense process of transformation. Anything that is not Ideal in that planets natal make up or its aspects will become ‘undone’ in the 12th Star House. Surely this is a good thing.

The deep impulse and demand that life obey an Ideal vision escalates and quickens the karmic process that we find unfolding in the 6th Archetypal Starhouse Libra. The Cardinal-focused action-Starhouses Aries 12th Cancer 3rd Libra 6th and Capricorn 9th are all Cadent Starhouses which is to say that here is where the end results of karmic processes appear for good or ill depending on the kind and quality of that karma. Anything that is not attuned to the Sun which is to say the Higher Self is quickened and purified in the Ideal Cardinal Fire of Aries.

Aries and the 12th Starhouse is without a doubt the detriment of Venus-Mercury in the sense that this twofold Planet is consumed and transformed at such fiery intensity that the Native is obliged to act first and think later in all situations. Where the Venus side is influenced by Aries the Native is highly romantic, passionate, impulsive, idealistic and usually lacking all forethought and prudence in their romantic affairs. These events unfold in such a way as to convince the Native that they are fated to them. These ardent feelings in the chart of an Artist will inspire the most wonderful creations. Where the Mercury side of the twofold Mercury-Venus planet is uppermost in Aries the Native will be highly aggressive if limited intellectually.

The Native is obliged to act instantly on their thoughts and beliefs which they of course uphold as an Ideal. If there are no tempering and balancing aspects to Mercury-Venus then the Native will be a fanatic and take it upon themselves to argue with everyone and anyone who dares to think differently or disagree. “Anyone not with me is against me” would be a favorite proverb. Orators rabble rousers and advocates of drastic and violent remedies for social ills are found here. So also religious fanatics determined to ‘save’ or ‘damn’ everyone in sight and who when argued with just simply repeat the same rubbish or begin to yell and threaten. Such an individual will always gather a following of weak minded and often ill willed extremists. Where there are positive balancing planets and aspects the Native will be capable of great and positive leadership and motivation of others along lines that will be to their and societies benefit.

The fall of Saturn in the Constellation and Starhouse Aries is based on the simple yet profound Astrological principle that Saturn and the Sun are ‘enemies’. Saturn is “structure” at every level imbued with a determination to maintain and carry these structures out of the past through the present and on into the future. The Sun particularly in its exaltation in Aries needs no such thing as it is the being and expression of pure Spiritual Presence unsupported by any structure whatsoever. Thus the very thing that makes Saturn what it innately is undergoes profound and relentless transformation in Aries. This is why the Twelfth Starhouse has long been associated with Spiritual Liberation.

MARS, means you seize the initiative. Energy is up and a search for adventure ensues. You are brash, rash, and rush in where angels fear to tread. You are ready to participate in the life around you, and you have an eagle eye out for your own interests. Any provocation you offer may be returned in kind, so do be careful what you do and say. You are intolerant of other’s foibles. Emotionally you can be high strung, irritable, testy. Something or someone may really get you angry, since you are laboring under the stress of a short temper and feel the need to let off steam.

Exercise, movement and flexing your muscles both figuratively and literally in constructive ways is called for. Take action on previously planned projects, sports, or any activity that gets you moving, but be careful not to burn yourself out. Caution with tools or machinery is needed as tenseness or nervousness can make you careless at just the wrong moment. The connection between Mars and machines is acutely illustrated in the phenomenon of “Road Rage”. With Mars, your reaction to affairs can get irritating and perhaps a bit explosive. Great physical activity is indicated, expressed in housecleaning, furniture moving, painting, extensive home repairs, and other heavy household jobs. Relations with parents or a spouse can be quite tense.

The emphasis is on commotion, tumult, and nervous energy looking for an outlet. Guard against outbursts of impatience, temper and emotional agitation. Because Martian mishaps are usually the result of “too much, too fast” on the part of the individual concerned, try to slow yourself down in order to avoid them. Mars can precipitate clashes that could lead to break-ups or temporary separations, brought about in the heat of anger rather than through considered reasoning. It can however bring to the surface matters that need to be faced before they can be cleared up. Mars is a combative influence; there is an element of attack to be considered. You may feel the domination of someone in your life trying to take control of your direction, your career. Mars angular usually foretells a “rough ride;” you could get it or give it; you could be called on the carpet by authority figures and really get chewed out or chew someone out. Another usual form of Martian expression is through possible attacks from germs, e.g., virus, cold, fever, etc., or even pests from the insect world. Mars often manages to get your adrenalin flowing in a big way. Mars calls for action, excitement, aggression, and you are usually presented with circumstance to fill the bill, or you present the reaction and change the circumstance.


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