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New Moon April 24th 2009:

April 23, 2009


Well this really is a humdinger of a New Moon.

Take a look at that triple conjunction of Ouranus Venus Mars in early Pisces getting a nice unfriendly Square from Pluto in early Sagittarius. Mind you Pluto is also Trine the Sun+ New Moon. But that Trine for what it’s worth is negated by the Moon being in a Square to The Dragons Head in Capricorn.

A tumultuous time to be sure…high idealism on a global scale combined with sudden upsets and extreme emotionalism leading to wild mood swings and violence of the ideological and military variety.

Lunatics abound! Oh yes they do. Look at that Conjunction of Jupiter at the very end of Capricorn leaning hard into Neptune at the very beginning of Aquarius and both of them Square Mercury which is just inside rationalising Taurus.

Time to scare the public with threats and disinformation. Pluto Square Ouranus Venus Mars does unfortunately lend support to the probability of a Pandemic or at minimum growing panic about same.

While all of this is going on stormy love affairs can flourish.

Originality and madness; Ouranus, Sextile Mercury and Mercury in turn, under Square from Jupiter & Neptune. We are going to be hearing a lot of innovative new ideas about how to fix absolutely everything that is broken.

A great month for ‘group think’ and ‘hive mind’ if you belong to a cult, clique, or ideological party position, this is a very good time to root out heretics, doubters and traitors to the cause. Lynching by media will also get considerable action.

Lone Saturn near the end of its Retrogradation at the top of the chart dominating all, and ensuring that the heads of the mighty will continue to roll.

At a personal level the overall impression is of a month of high energy and creativity combined with positive risk taking. Well planned actions can succeed because the flux energy and tension shown here lends itself well to a strong forward momentum. Believe it creative individuals or partnerships or small groups can make financial gains this coming month; provided they have a well thought out strategy in place.

Spiritually this is a good time to shake thing out and up. Remember your ideals and most of all remember who you really are. If you are at all psychic and or empathic these influences will emphasize that side of your nature.

New Moon Friday April 24 2009: 11:H: 24: M EDT  at Toronto

New Moon Friday April 24 2009: 11:H: 24: M EDT at Toronto


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