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Moon Full Saturday 9th May 2009:

May 6, 2009

Moon Full Saturday 9th May 2009 00H: 02:M EDT at Toronto

Moon Full Saturday 9th May 2009 00H: 02:M EDT at Toronto

Sun in Aries Full Moon in Libra; Sun ‘ruled’ by Mars which is in Pisces Moon ‘ruled’ by Venus which is in Pisces.

That is a lot of Mars Venus! For the young and young at heart in love this is a very significant weekend.
Here are some key words for Venus Mars:
Venus Mars Conjunction: Passionate: Amorous: Erotic:
Venus Mars Harmonious: Romantic: Devoted: Chivalrous:
Venus Mars Dissonant: Seductive: Insatiable: Consuming:

Venus Mars reveals your romantic dynamics:

Love and money and creativity and dreaming the dream and following your bliss! But take a thought to the ‘ruler’ of Pisces: Jupiter which is just in Aquarius in a conjunction with Neptune. Beware, perhaps that big dream is a multicoloured gas filled bubble just waiting to burst like the “suckers rallies” that have been going on all over the global stock markets for the last couple of weeks.

Back at the New Moon I wrote: Lunatics abound! Oh yes they do. Look at that Conjunction of Jupiter at the very end of Capricorn leaning hard into Neptune at the very beginning of Aquarius and both of them Square Mercury which is just inside rationalising Taurus.

At this juncture Mercury has gone retrograde on the 7th- and won’t go direct until Sunday the 31st of May.

A lot of Astrologers freak out over Mercury Retrograde, and well they might particularly on an occasion like this where Mercury has gone retrograde in a Square to Jupiter Neptune.

Here are a few more Keywords:
Mercury Jupiter, which has to do with Mental Space: When Dissonant: Pathological: Indiscriminate: Verbose.
Mercury Neptune which has to do with Mental Psychism: When Dissonant:
Deceptive. Seditious. Vague.

And now here’s the kicker with this aspect configuration:

Under normal circumstances a Jupiter Neptune Conjunction is supposed to be: Mystical Meditative and Compassionate.
But in this case because of the Square to Retrograde Mercury it becomes: Escapist: Deluded Elusive:

Back at the New Moon I wrote:

Originality and madness; Ouranus, Sextile Mercury and Mercury in turn, under Square from Jupiter & Neptune. We are going to be hearing a lot of innovative new ideas about how to fix absolutely everything that is broken. A great month for ‘group think’ and ‘hive mind’ if you belong to a cult, clique, or ideological party position, this is a very good time to root out heretics, doubters and traitors to the cause. Lynching by media will also get considerable action.

Now this full moon reaches the Square to Jupiter Neptune: Between Noon and Three PM on Saturday.

Positions for Moon Full Saturday May 9th 2009 00H02M EDT at Toronto.

Positions for Moon Full Saturday May 9th 2009 00H02M EDT at Toronto.

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  1. Sharon Ormerod permalink
    May 11, 2009 5:38 AM

    Saturday I was frustrated with delays, I had been lied to by someone I trusted, and freaking out with loud music and voices echoing in my head on the drive to Sarnia. I dropped the distraction off at another house and went home to a quiet space between 12:00 and 3:00. Later on I mellowed out and watched the grandchildren play. I discovered that 3 of my smallest grandchildren had lay down and slept through the moon square Jupiter Neptune. Interesting to observe.

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