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What kind of year is Sidereal Taurus going to have?

May 16, 2009

What kind of year is Sidereal Taurus going to have?

Sidereal Astrology places the emphasis in initial chart interpretation on the Ascendant + Sun + Moon combination. Sidereal Astrology also utilizes Solar Return charts which again are initially determined by the Ascendant/Sun/Moon combination. That said we can still garner useful insights from a multiple Solar Return chart which is what we are doing here.

During the passage of the Sun through the Sidereal Constellation of Taurus from the 15th of May to the 15th of June we have 30 Birthdays. That is thirty approximate Solar Returns.

From 15th to 25th May
Sun Transits 01Degrees to 10Degrees Taurus:

The Sun is in a noticeable Conjunction to Retrograde Mercury and a Square to Jupiter Neptune in early Aquarius.

You need to make up your mind and you need to do it quickly, unfortunately you find it hard to concentrate and see a clear vision of what you really want this year. There is also the issue of timing, and coordinating the changes you know you must make, with the other things that are going on in your life and relationships.

With the all important Moon for Taurus in Capricorn in a conjunction to the Dragons Head your emotions may feel a bit flat and a tendency to take relationships for granted may lead to some degree of estrangement from the ones you love.

With Ouranus in a Sextile to Sun Mercury from the cusp of Pisces you may have spiritual and creative ideas and images streaming through your imagination giving you more alternatives than you actually need to keep your life in order.

In the months leading up to July 2007 and beyond into 2008 you experienced real changes to the Structure of your way of life and were forced to redefine your identity and role in the world and in your relationships. If you took care of business back then this year becomes a year of tweaking and refining an already existing situation. Though still a bit confused and indecisive at times, you get to be creative and enjoy life this year.

New Moon May 24th 2009 at 08 Degrees Taurus:

Mars Enters Aries: May 25th 2009:

From 25th May to June 05th 2009:
Sun Transits 10: Degrees to 20: Degrees Sidereal Taurus:

At this stage the Jupiter Neptune Square from the Cusp of Aquarius has pretty well lost its influence and the Venus Mars Conjunction in mid Pisces is forming a strong Sextile adding energy, creativity, luck and a certain extravagance to you emotions and financial dealings.

At the same time the Sun Saturn Square is active forcing developmental, emotional and career changes which may all be marked by a certain feeling of unavoidability.

If pushed to change by external forces or circumstances, something you detest at the best of times, you may dig your heels in and lock horns in some stubborn but pointless attempt to maintain the status quo, thus squandering the positive side of this opportunity to bring about much needed changes in your life.

These changes can only be delayed and not avoided. Better to just get on with them seeing as you have been thinking about them and planning for change for the last several months at least.

With the New Moon in its first ¼ Waxing you should be able to go forward with enthusiasm if you give up pointless resistance.

On Sunday May 31st the Waxing Moon is in an exact Conjunction to Saturn at 20: Degrees Leo.

Now that will be a dramatic and serious Birthday.

From 05th June to 15th June 2009:
Sun Transits 20: Degrees to 30: Degrees Taurus

In the early days of this Decanate, the birth Sun is in an exact Square to Saturn. Well here it is the big unavoidable restructuring of your Identity in the face of radically altered life circumstances.

Always slow to change, in all probability you have been procrastinating in the face of all those things you know must inevitably be addressed and settled, you may be feeling pressured and anxious now.

If you are in a troubled business partnership or relationship this may be the year when long held resentments and dissatisfactions break surface. Not necessarily through any of your doing, because don’t forget you are procrastinating, but through changes imposed upon you by others and life circumstances.

In your heart you know the truth of how you feel about your life and you know exactly what needs to be done. Just let it happen if you can, allow the turn of events to create the openings and spaces you need in order to fulfill the plan you have been brooding over for so long. If you resist change here there will be much unnecessary distress and suffering.

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May 17th Moon Last ¼

May 24th New Moon

May 31st Moon First ¼

June 07th Moon Full

June 15th Moon last ¼


May 17th Saturn sDirect 20: Degrees: 02: Minutes:  Leo:

May 25th 2009: Mars Enters Aries:

May 29th Neptune sRetrograde: 01: Degree 36 Minutes Aquarius.

May 30/31st Mercury Direct 27: Degrees: 59: Minutes:  Aries

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