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Aung San Suu Kyi Burma-Myanmar Karmic Astrology:

June 2, 2009

Karmic Astrology In Burma-Myanmar:

Aung San Suu Kyi is again in the news accused by the Myanmar regime of breaking the terms of her “House Arrest” by covering up the clandestine visit of an American admirer…Intelligence Community agent?

I wrote most of this when the Buddhist Monks were rioting against the Myanmar Regime and being killed in great numbers in September 2007.

Burma-Myanmar is on the brink of another convulsion based largely on what happened in September 2007, but with the addition that  Aung San Suu Kyi is in the endgames of her struggle with the Regime there in her home land.

It is hard to conceive that the Buddhist Monks of Burma and their supporters would willingly place themselves at the hazard of persecution torture and death. Why are they doing it now? And what role does the existence of Aung San Suu Kyi play in all of this.

They are Buddhists and they could tell you that Burma/Myanmar has entered an era of ripe national karma. But then what is that?

When it is the time of a truly significant destined event, nothing can prevent it. Individual and group freedom rests in the level of the response to the destined event. I said in my last post that the Buddhist Monks of Burma have deep knowledge of Sidereal Astrology and its karmic significance.

[…”Burma was the only part of the Indian Empire to separate itself completely from Great Britain on gaining independence. Full independence was granted at 04.H: 20.M: AM: on January 4th 1948. ‘the hour having been chosen by Burmese astrologers as auspicious’. The independence ceremonies took place ‘before dawn in bright moonlight’ in the capital Rangoon…”][The Book Of World Horoscopes – Nicholas Campion. -The Aquarian Press 1988]

There is only one next thing to do here and that is to look at this ‘auspicious’ chart of Burmese Nationhood.

Burma-Myanmar State Chart Independence:

Burma-Myanmar State Chart Independence:

Burma-Myanmar State _450px002_copy

When you are looking at an electional chart – a chart chosen in advance to facilitate a certain ongoing outcome – you are looking at intention and intention is of course motive.

The very first thing that  jumps out here is the Nexus of Sun, Jupiter, Mars. Ascendant.

The Sun is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars is in 10th House Leo ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. The ascendant in any chart signifies the place of the rising Sun. The 10th House signifies the Sun at its greatest strength at noon. And right there Mars in Leo- the Army will be King.
A powerful Nexus.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this Nexus is extremely strong, positive, and fascistic. The military is very strongly emphasized in this Nexus. Democracy, not so much. Sure enough these newly independent Burmese wanted a total break from the British Empire, no Commonwealth of Free Nations for them.

Immediately apparent too is the predicament of Mercury – the mind communication – combust and in detriment in its exact conjunction to the Sun. Perhaps the astrologers thought that the Moon in Virgo combined with the influence of Jupiter would compensate for the critically compromised Mercury. Asian sidereal astrology ignores Neptune! Weirdly we see a very strong devious and intellectually closed mind, even as it is filled with images and vivid imaginations.

Clearly the Venus at 18 Capricorn 31′ in the 3rd house is the famed and long enduring Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest no less. As we will see her Natal Chart is in critical opposition to this National Chart of a nation born to be ruled by the Military.

The Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto both retrograde is at the end of the 9th House Cancer. I know what that astrologer was thinking about that too. Saturn in the 9th House is in strength when it is not in detriment or otherwise afflicted. Well that Saturn is big time afflicted by being in Cancer except for the ‘reverse adverse law’, which means that a double negative becomes a kind of positive. Saturn in Cancer is Retrograde. But again he ignored Pluto! He was also thinking that the Saturn Sextile to the Moon however wide would still lend a kind of stability to the Moon and by rulership transference, Saturn in Cancer is in the Home of the Moon-add some weight to that poor fried Mercury.

The people in such a state would suffer greatly from the images and confusion in their minds, they would seek relief and the relief would be right there in the form of Buddhist meditation. The people in such a state would seek relief in the form of transcendence, because it would be next to impossible to get too comfortable in this world.

Are we looking at a devils contract between the military oligarchy and religion? Or what is more likely the Oligarchy who was to receive Burma from the British Empire had their own astrologer calculate the hand-over ceremony chart so that it would benefit them.

State sanctioned religions tends not to do well in a Democracy. The Buddhist Oligarchy and the Military Oligarchy decided to wash each others hands.

That Elder Astrologer is for sure, by now in his next or even second next lifetime from the time of calculating that chart. Perhaps he is out there now demonstrating against the Junta, atoning for his karma.

In all probability he knew that his electional chart would, given time, blow up in the faces of the ruling oligarchy who commissioned it. Surely at the time, back in January 1948 the Esoteric Buddhist Initiates throughout the new country also saw what had happened.

Now from a Buddhist point of view that chart and the way it came into being can only be regarded as a mirror of past and future karma in itself. Did they even know that the Daughter of the General who founded the Burmese Military, the General who they had assassinated would one day come back to haunt them?

In the second part of this we are going to look at  Aung San Suu Kyi:

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