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Full Moon Scorpio: Sunday June 07 2009:

June 6, 2009
True Wesak Moon Full Scorpio June 07 2009:

True Wesak Moon Full Taurus June 07 2009:

You may remember last  Dec 12 2008 when there was a big buzz about the Full Moon and how that chart was forming a critical T Square involving the Sun in Scorpio Full Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Leo.

I had mentioned how that Moon represented amongst other things the True Halloween. The polarity of Taurus Scorpio is the bridge between the living and the ‘dead’.

This full Moon is the Zodiacal opposite of that Moon. In this instance we are witnessing the true Wesak Moon which was the Moon under which the Buddha was both born and attained Absolute Enlightenment.

This time the Sun is in peace loving Taurus and the Moon is in the intensity of Scorpio and Saturn is very close to where it was last December having spent months Retrograde in the interim.

We are in for a highly rewarding romantic and spiritual weekend. At a political, military and financial level: Major shifts and realignments as the World attempts to absorb these high level energies.

Moon Full Positions: June 07 2009: 02:13: PM EDT

Moon Full Positions: June 07 2009: 02:13: PM EDT

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