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Moon Full Sagittarius: Tuesday July 07th 2009:

July 5, 2009
Sidereal Moon Full Sagittarius: Tuesday July 07th 2009 05H22M AM EDT at Toronto.

Sidereal Moon Full Sagittarius: Tuesday July 07th 2009 05H22M AM EDT at Toronto.

A full Moon filled with excitement, magic, promise and caution. Mutability is the name of the game here so a kind of Murphy’s Law kicks in: “If something can change then it will change”. Eccentricities will abound! Thinking about bursting out and trying something new? Want to step off an existential cliff? Here’s your big chance. If you have the itch to travel you will be scratching hard here.

Love and romance is in the air in a wild and crazy kind of way. Will you; are you, crazy Jupiter+ Neptune Square Venus+ Mars? Come to think of it Jupiter is the Ruler of this Full Moon and just look at the way it is electrified! It’s a spiritual thing a very powerful spiritual thing for anyone who can vibrate at that pitch of Tantric intensity.

There is wild oscillation, very hard to balance really. You either fall headlong and heartlong in love, or you fall out of bed altogether.

Reckless financial behaviour is to be expected, if you are so disposed: You want what want and you want it Now! Addicted gamblers are going to have an extremely rough time of it. I don’t just mean online credit card, or Casino gamblers, but also futures traders, currency and stock exchange gamblers in general.

This is Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon; inevitably there is a certain schizophrenic quality at play. I don’t necessarily mean in the mental health sense though we can’t exclude that entirely, but there are definitely two separate realities at play simultaneously. Underneath the magic and razzmatazz is Saturn in Leo. The Sun in Gemini is Sextile/Harmonious to Saturn in Leo, in turn Saturn is giving a Trine/Harmony to the Moon Full in Sagittarius, but don’t forget it is Saturn, so it looks more like compromise than joy.

Do you see the Mystic Rectangle? * When you see that in a natal chart it connotes extreme individuation and spiritual resilience, it also promises an inescapable destiny. Something long in the making must now come to fruition. This is in Toronto where the City and Mayor are having a crisis in authority and garbage and stench frustrated city populations are coming to the end of their patience. Full Moons encourage high running emotions and extreme reactions.

The situation in Iran will come to a decisive head: A new unity will be born.

For the spiritually involved and active the Mystic rectangle signifies a breakthrough in awareness and understanding, the realisation that individuation once attained cannot be undone by any outside agency.

The Square between Pluto and Ouranus is extremely explosive.

* Mystic Rectangle: The Ascendant 60 Degrees to Saturn which is 120 Degrees to the Moon which is 60 Degrees to the Mid Heaven which is 120 Degrees to the Ascendant. The Sun is Opposite the Moon and Saturn is Opposite the Mid heaven.

Moon Full Sagittarius July 07th 05H22M AM EDT 2009 Positions at Toronto

Moon Full Sagittarius July 07th 05H22M AM EDT 2009 Positions at Toronto

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  1. July 6, 2009 5:59 PM

    Thanks for this informative chart. I’m now feeling very mystical!

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