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Sun in Sidereal Sagittarius: 2009:

December 15, 2009

Sun in Sidereal Sagittarius:


Sagittarius Glyph

December16 2009 -January15 2010

Archetypal Zodiac:
The Eighth Constellation and Star-House – SAGITTARIUS


The Sun is in the Constellation of SAGITTARIUS:

In the flux and swirl of the dervish dance of life you seek yourself. Going everywhere with the flow, against the flow, always in the flow. Who can say how things really happen? Isn’t it enough that the whole world is a vast happening? Where everything that is happening is just simply happening and most amazing of all it is you happening?

The overwhelming variety and diversity of experience the sheer abundance of existence and there is more always more and more. And just what a fantastic drama your life is. And if there is no drama, no excitement, you always know just how to create some.

Then why do you never find what you are looking for? Why does nothing satisfy? Do you know what you are looking for? Do you know it is yourself? The Self that remains forever concealed from itself inside the constant flux that is you?

You go to extreme lengths to appear sophisticated worldly cultured and deep. But the truth will out right out of your own mouth. There is nothing you can do to control this crude and savagely self centered streak deep inside that always betrays you by announcing itself without any warning. You said it! And oh the embarrassment the consternation, the fast talking glossing over flattering babble and doubt. The looks they give you!

What you crave constantly is attention. And the truth is almost any kind of attention will do. Of course being a megalomaniac you prefer admiration and will exaggerate lie and plagiarize to get it. Always on the run you move through places people interests jobs. Stability is death staying is nowhere.

Because you are haunted by the knowledge of your unfathomable Self you have learned to just accept the changes. But there is a deeply troubled look that fills your eyes in unguarded moments. As if you have forgotten something really important. Like your true purpose in this life?

Professionally you want to be where the action is. The positive friendly you can make a great spokes person promoter sales person or just plain huckster. Naturally cosmopolitan you know people from all over the ethnic map. That’s no guarantee that you’re not a bigot at the same time. Nearly everyone loves you in small doses and you make a terrific first impression when you manage to keep your foot out of your mouth.

People like your abundant energy and often like the way you keep things lively. When educated or trained you can rise in life through a mixture of hard work and sheer audacity. Because you have a “been there done that” attitude you tend not to build on your gains and will even self sabotage to get out of boring successful situations. You have managed to convince quite a number of people that you are a bit crazy.

If there are stabilizing factors in your chart that allow you to pick a path and stick to it you can achieve almost anything you set your heart on. You are an able thinker, academic, management and marketing consultant, a natural globalist. Technical skills are also indicated.

In love you are as romantic as it gets but in a completely over the top fatal attraction kind of way. When aroused you are all sexual fire and have terrific sexual endurance. Being a sensation and adrenalin junkie you can also easily become sexually addicted to someone you don’t even like. And when you are not having sex you are fighting like cat and dog. Nothing satisfies you.

Spiritually you really get it but you can only learn from experience and not so much from “teachings”. Real spiritual teachers don’t want you because you are extremely self important arrogant and unruly. You can though, travel the path of the “self initiated”. After a very long confused journey a great deal of self deception and suffering you enter the eternal now within the flux and swirl of the dervish dance of life where you find your-Self.


Element: Mutable Fire:

Ruler: Jupiter:

Exaltation: None:

Detriment: Mercury:

Fall: None:

Sense: Taste:

Philosophy: Metabolism:

Archetypal Zodiac: 8th House.

Age of Pisces: 10


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