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Sun Enters Sidereal Virgo:

September 16, 2010


Archetypal Zodiac


September 17-October 17: The Sun is in the Constellation of VIRGO:

Even though no one really understands you it doesn’t bother you most of the time. The main thing is that you manage to pass for normal everywhere even though you are deeply eccentric. With your highly developed imagination you are privy to many unusual things outside the mainstream where you live. Things are simply the way they are, then they change, you see no need to turn this obvious fact of existence into a crisis. You like to preserve an unruffled exterior to mask the inner turmoil of your highly self reflective subjective existence. You have many different interests many different acquaintances. And you also have many different faces to go with them. You always have somewhere else to go, other people to be with but you discretely keep this to yourself.

You enjoy working and usually make yourself indispensable to some high powered individual or prestigious organization. You really like being the adviser behind the throne, in on every detail, party to every secret. You may have several skills and excel at turning hobbies and part time interests into careers.

You are a natural designer graphic artist photographer and coder. Work involving painstaking research, analysis and writing also suits you. You have a very good eye for the unique detail and can take interesting photographs or render equally good drawings.

You are sexually responsive to a truly remarkable degree but are equally able to remain at an emotional distance. This confuses your lovers who feel rejected and then reject you. You are very attracted to the company of the wicked provided they maintain a passable veneer of civilization and respectability. Though otherwise cautious to a fault you can become embroiled in scandal through your wicked associates. No sooner do you feel that your mask has slipped than you leave town and begin a new life elsewhere.

You hold a very high opinion of yourself and can project an air of superiority based upon nothing more than your attitude of polite self importance. At pains to appear knowledgeable and well informed you are always listening out for the opinions you should adopt. When challenged in a debate you will seize upon some irrelevant detail and insist upon discussing that, in an attempt to mask your ignorance. You are a great one for invoking intellectual authorities and quoting books you have incompletely read. Your opinions tend to change with the tides of public opinion and the last bestseller you have read. Higher education is crucial to your mental well being and standing in the world. If you do train your mind you are capable of almost heroic intellectual feats. Genius is not entirely out of the question.

In love you are deeply insecure and tend to analyze the life out of your romance before it gets a proper chance to get started. This makes strong initial sexual attraction all the more important. Material considerations are very important to you and if you’re prospective spouse has a lot of money and the right social profile it makes all the difference.

Your natural capacity for self discipline makes meditation and prayer possible but your main source of spiritual inspiration comes from your extremely vivid dreams and visions.

Element: Mutable Earth:
Ruler: Mercury + Venus:
Exaltation: Ouranus:
Detriment: Jupiter:
Fall: Venus:
Sense: Change:
Philosophy: Phenomenalism:
Archetypal Zodiac: 5th House.
Age of Pisces: 7th House.

Again, we find ourselves sorting out the ancient wheat from the chaff of the ages. The fifth house has always been associated with love life and romantic imagination. This, of course, seems entirely obvious when we see that the fifth starhouse is ruled by Mercury-Venus, the planet of mysticism, which in its most elevated state manifest as the true love of the Sacred. At a male-female level, mysticism expresses itself as romantic love, which is the pre-requisite for the healthy reproduction of children. Hence, the fifth starhouse also indicates the native’s relationship with children.

As Mercury-Venus also governs the arts, it is easily seen why the ancient astrologers attributed creativity and artistic intelligence to the fifth starhouse.

The Aristotelian category of Virgo is Appearance. Here we can see the fifth starhouse association with self-expression. This allows the astrologer to determine the strength and well being of the native’s sense of self. This naturally combines with the other Mercury-Venus-ruled house, Gemini, the second starhouse, which governs Ego.

Further, we will notice that the beings existentially present in the constellation of Virgo are immersed in the activity and consciousness of Phenomenalism – which is to say all creativity and artistic endeavor involves the production of phenomena.

Whereas Leo is the primal existence of all life, Virgo is the creative response to it. In this way we can perceive how Virgo is the sense of Transformation wherein life becomes art through the self-expressive creativity of individuals. Needless to say, the creator is transformed by the act of creation.

At the highest level of Mercury-Venusian life, we find the Ego of the native, motivated by selfless-love and striving for perfection as an individual. In the chart, a well-positioned or elevated Mercury-Venus finds the native in love with the uniqueness of the self and capable of loving the uniqueness of others without projection or the desire to re-design the other’s being. This, of course, is true love of the other. This love spills over into the world at large and we see here the cultural benefactor, either through participation in direct creativity or the enthusiastic support of same. When the planet Mercury-Venus is in the fifth and well or powerfully aspected, we find the endlessly creative and mystical individual. Devotion is a word that applies here.

The fifth starhouse of Virgo is a feminine constellation in the element of mutable Earth. The myth is that Diana / Venus leapt fully formed from the brow of Zeus / Jupiter. Diana is the goddess of the arts. She is not, as such, evolving – she is predestined to her own perfection. Venus has nothing to receive from the world except its worship and devotion. Venus is motivated by the conviction that the world ought to be more exciting, artistic and wonderful than it is. Venus is extremely seductive. Proud of her lofty attainments, she stands in the glorious light of her perfection. In her perfect creative powers there is nothing in all the world that she is unable to transform into a higher perfection. To this extent, Venus loves the Earth with ardent enthusiasm but she loves it in order to replace it with her own world, which is not what the Spiritual Sun has in mind for us.

Venus is the agency of humanity’s higher destiny, her longing for the ultimate consummation of the good, the true and the beautiful. How she has inspired us down through all ancient time. Constantly bringing change and new life to humanity, so that our souls do not grow weary of life, she brings us always something new and exciting to look forward to.

About Mercury & Venus: Hermes & Aphrodite: Hermaphrodite: The Sacred Hermaphrodite Means:
The Mystical Marriage Within The Innermost Self With The Sun: The Self’s Abiding Within Beness.
Buddhi: Sacred Soul: = Venus: Mysticism.
Manas: Innate intelligence:= Mercury: Transcendentalism:
Before The Modern Era The Planet We Now Call Mercury was Called Venus. And The Planet We Now Call Venus Was Called Mercury. This Can Be Confirmed By Looking At Any Classical or Ancient Map Of The Solar System.

How is this to be understood? The Sun Venus and Mercury were understood by the Egyptians who originated Astrology As Osiris Isis And Horus. This Triune Deity was later Called God The Father The Holy Spirit and Jesus. This Triune Deity was also called the Logos: The Authentic Unifying Individuality within the Manifold field of Perception and Experience. In This sense every individual Self is a true Logos.

It is advisable to understand Mercury And Venus As a twofold yet Single Integrated Awareness State Of the Authentic Individual. For Instance it is Most Illuminating To See Ones Natal Mercury as Venus and ones natal Venus as Mercury. In the case of their conjunction within one Sidereal Sign this is almost unavoidable. But when they are in different Signs and Elements the results of this interchanged analysis can be Highly Revealing. The principle, to be kept in mind and understood, is that Mercury Articulates and Expresses Venus. And Venus Understands and makes Mercury Present as self apprehending Self-awareness. Mercury/Venus are the Transcendental-Presence Horizon of Self Awareness.

The following example will illustrate. You are Listening to a Concert of Complex Emotionally moving Music, to which you have given yourself over entirely; so that you have Become the Music. A vast inner space filled with the self as music has opened up within you.

At the Horizon of this inner space Mercury spontaneously understands the beautiful complexity of the Music and Venus feels it deeply.

Or again: You are looking at a visual artistic masterpiece. The subject matter and colors invoke deep complex feelings: Venus. While you simultaneously appreciate the technical virtuosity and composition: Mercury. Meditation is one of the ways to cultivate and sensitize this Awareness State.

It was surely a Mercury Venus Conjunction that said “ Truth is Beauty and Beauty Truth”.

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