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Sidereal Full Moon Capricorn: Saturday August 13th 2011 The Big Picture:

August 12, 2011

Sidereal Full Moon Capricorn: Saturday August 13th 2011 The Big Picture:

Arab Spring – American Debt – London in Flames – Global Depression? – World War Three?

We need to observe all the high-tension Fire and Air to understand what has actually been going on in the world. Jupiter In Aries, Pluto in Sagittarius, Mercury Rx in Leo, Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Aquarius, and of course the Volatile Waters, Ouranus in Pisces. The Zodiac is highly volatile and mutable, for which read explosive changes unfold on many levels in many places.

Arab Spring: NATO continues to bomb Libya while the British Government has decided to recognize the Libyan rebels/traitors as a government exile. The streets of Cairo in Egypt remain in turmoil as do the streets in Syria and elsewhere. War making Mars in Gemini opposite destructive and revolutionary Pluto in Sagittarius and both Square volatile Ouranus in religious and ideologically fanatical Pisces. The Western Powers shoot themselves in the geopolitical foot.

American Debt: Before and since the New Moon on July 30th 2011; All hell has been breaking loose and on several levels, and in many places. The American Establishment decided to shoot itself in the economic foot during an acrimonious budget battle and got itself downgraded by a bogus ratings agency Standard & Poors who when called before an investigation in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown defended themselves by saying that their evaluations are merely opinions and nothing more. Suddenly their word is gospel! That’s a Mercury Neptune opposition in Leo Aquarius for you.

The Global Economy is in real trouble not only in the Americas but also in Europe and Asia, this can be seen as a reflection of Saturn in “do the math” Virgo coming to bear on crooked accounting, but also of its Square to “destroy weakness” Pluto in Sagittarius. Jupiter in turn the ‘ruler of both Pisces now containing Ouranus but also of Sagittarius is in Aries stimulating Gold speculation, inflation, and military adventurism driven by distorted Idealism which is masking greed.

London in Flames: Gemini ‘rules’ the City while Sagittarius ‘rules’ international affairs and wide territorial lands. The Air Fire opposition of Mars and Pluto intensified to an explosive degree by by their Square to volatile Ouranus in Pisces whose ‘ruler’ Jupiter is transiting warlike Aries has brought the social sickness of the United Kingdom to the surface as if the entire society were suffering from a dangerously high fever in an attempt to rid itself of a malignancy. The Military and Police Law Enforcement – Mars – are on a collision course with the wider population all over the world. The nasty criminal element in all societies are drawn out and emboldened by the ‘influences’ exerted by Pluto and Ouranus Squared by Mars. However there are real and intolerable economic and social injustices being perpetrated upon the citizens of nearly all countries now.

Global Depression? :While Saturn remains in “do the math” Virgo – until essentially August-September 2012 [1] it will be difficult to impossible for Governments or Global financial institutions to get away with fudging the books. This doesn’t mean that they wont go on trying, It only means that if these institutions and major players fail to face the economic truth; then the whole Global Financial structure will collapse followed by civil wars revolutions and the Third World War which will almost inevitably go Nuclear because of the Square between Pluto in Sagittarius and Ouranus in Pisces.

We cannot overlook the inception of the Moons North Node into Scorpio where it brings out the dark karmic debt ridden side of the entire Mars Sphere. Matters pertaining to the dark side of violent sexuality will increasingly be in the news. Organized crime and global terrorism will continue to be on the rise. A definition of Moons North Node – Rahu, in Scorpio, could be “the door to hell is wide open”.

Now that all these Sidereal Astrological dynamics culminate for this brief few days in a full Moon in Capricorn we can expect a stabilization of the more flagrant and irrational results of these planetary forces with a definite reassertion of traditional values. Saturn in Virgo in Sextile from Sun Venus in Cancer and in a Trine to the Moon in its own Sign lends credibility to this assessment.

[1][Note: Saturn enters Sidereal Libra for the first time on the 23 of November 2011 then turns Retrograde and reenters Virgo on the 2nd of May 2012 and finally leaves Virgo.

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