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Sidereal Full Moon Capricorn: Saturday August 13th 2011 The Personal Picture:

August 12, 2011

Sidereal Full Moon Capricorn: Saturday August 13th 2011 The Personal Picture:

Full Moon Saturday August 13th 2011 The Personal Picture:

This is a very loving Full Moon; not crazy love, not over the top falling in lust love, not shared illusions on romantic crack cocaine love, but the love that sings this song:

’cause I gotta peaceful easy feeling

and I know you won’t let me down

’cause I’m already standing on the ground’

Cancer Is Materialism and the Sense of Touch in this case contrasted by Capricorn which is Spiritism and the sense of Perception. With a Sun Venus conjunction In Cancer and the full Moon in Capricorn I would say holding hands and gazing into each others eyes is definitely called for. Naturally these actions can lead to spontaneous combustion, but not in a bad way.

Sun + Venus are in a Sextile to Saturn which in turn is in a Trine to the Moon which is in Saturn ‘ruled’ Capricorn. There is no such thing as karma free activity when Saturn is in the mix, even when the aspects are ‘positive’. When Saturn is involved whatever happens has long term consequences for good or ill as the case may be. If the love is mutual, sincere and free of ethical complications ,then this full Moon can represent a moment of real long term commitment and future planning. This could be a moment for getting down on one knee, ring box in hand, or at minimum establishing the kind of affinity, trust and mutual responsibility that can lead to marriage in the future.

The opposition from Retrograde Mercury in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius right next to the full Moon configuration warns against deception, and we should know that all deception in the end is self deception. This calls for ruthless honesty and candour, no pulling of punches, no smoke and mirrors. The initial deceiver is always an individual lacking in compassion, just make sure it isn’t you, because the consequences will be drastic and long term. If there is significant money involved through the Square from Jupiter in Aries, the inevitable drastic consequences could easily include jail time.

Mars in Gemini in an Opposition to Pluto in Sagittarius and more significantly in a Square to Ouranus in Pisces, imbues this whole situation with unusual intensity. We know Mars ‘rules’ personal will and Gemini is Ego and Mathematism. This configuration is bringing itself to bear on Saturn, which can produce an inner and outer tension between the desire to take flight as a free and radically creative outlier, and the well tried and dependable values of a traditional lifestyle. In the event that you don’t feel like throwing your current existence away, then this radicalizing and original awareness and energy can be expressed creatively or in confronting inner limitations and fears.

Sidereal Aries, is Idealism and the basic sense of speech. We can see how language and spoken communication was and is facilitated by the human desire to express ideals in words. Jupiter is currently in Aries, during the age of Aries which ended in 221 AD Jupiter was called Ra Amon in Egypt and Greece. Amon was the Logos the cosmic Christ who calls upon humanity to become perfected in Love, Wisdom and Freedom. Jupiter in Aries is in a dynamic and positive Square to Sun + Venus and the full Moon. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and the great friend of Sun Venus and the Moon. The realization is that true human love is a sacred act and event. The heavens and all beings of Light Love Wisdom and Freedom rejoice!

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  1. August 13, 2011 7:41 PM

    It sounds like a very opportune time for love and commitment with lasting implications. Honesty seems to be the key; deception can be disastrous. You could not have been more clear Alex, thanks for a heads up on the full moon.

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