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Sun Enters Sidereal Leo: September 17th 2011

August 18, 2011

The Sun is in the Constellation of LEO:
August17th -September 17th 2011:

Sun In Sidereal Leo: August 17th September 17th

Sun In Sidereal Leo: August 17th September 17th

Radiant you alternating between absolute self confidence and abject insecurity, the world surely is a much better place with you in it. You are a world bearing being unto yourself. Those who are allowed to know you well understand this. Respect is the very substance of your being.

Your importance cannot be estimated. Any individual or thing gains in importance simply by gaining your attention. At your best you take up a great and worthy work at the centre of many and for the good of all. Thus you enjoy all the good in life without guilt or self doubt.

Your reputation precedes you everywhere and many people you will never know discuss your every move. You like to hold gatherings and surround yourself with interesting creative gifted and witty people. You also insist on being invited to the main event. Celebrity comes naturally although you might disdain it if you can’t have it on your terms. There are many things in life that are just quite simply and naturally beneath you.

You notice everything but choose to overlook a lot of what you see. Those things you overlook have a way of coming back to irritate or embarrass you. The day you stop overlooking and start overseeing and in turn directing, is the day your life takes a big turn for the better.

The people around you are expecting you to lead, and are even disappointed if you don’t. The main thing is to overcome the mere feeling of self importance and actually become actively and functionally important.

You have terrific energy and can accomplish more in a day than most people in a week. You also have an absolute genius for getting people to do things for you. If inclined towards business or corporate life you are unstoppable and can build a personal empire with an ease that often causes those less gifted to cry foul.

Your innate sense of entitlement and freedom from guilt makes you a natural entrepreneur. Much as you demand wealth it is never only the money you are after, it is the glory and the admiration of your few peers. When offended you can be extremely vindictive, and arrange some legal form of revenge but you usually relent before carrying it out. You disdain the petty the mean and the small minded. You believe in fair play and never try to keep anyone down. In fact you always challenge those around you to do their best. That rare one can appear who is a marvel of intelligent efficiency and loyalty. That one is your protégé.

You love natural surroundings and wilderness areas. Horses and dogs are often important to you. And you can mourn the passing of a beloved creature as if it were a real member of the family. Leo’s have been known to keep a Lion as a pet.

In love you are devoted passionate and deeply sensual reveling in every detail of the love affair. You can be extremely generous and almost sickeningly doting towards the object of your affections. Rhapsodic music and extravagant outbursts of passion are the order of the day. Extravagant gifts the best seats in the theatre, that special private table in the exclusive restaurant.

You may entertain doubts about whom or what god is but you don’t doubt that there is a supreme being. You can be profoundly religious and devoted to the external trappings of your religion. The architecture of cathedrals and temples appeal to you, and you will design or contribute to their construction. You are sure if there is a god/dess that it is aware of you.

LEO: Element: Fixed Fire:
Exaltation: none:
Fall: Mercury:
Sense: Life:
Philosophy: Sensualism:
Archetypal Zodiac: 4th House.
Age of Pisces: 6th House.

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    love this..It is totally who I am.

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