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Moon New Leo August 29 2011

August 28, 2011

This New Moon in Leo is full of significant possibilities. This is the day to cleanse and purify you emotions at every level. Your Psyche is being burned clean and restored to its luminous and natural state of well being. Ever heard the saying ? : “The Moon is the mirror of Venus” ? Well that applies here in a truly intense and meaningful way. Your emotions are being cleansed and at the same time your higher love and mysticism potentials are being imprinted on your emotional body and Psyche.

Sidereal New Moon Leo August 29 2011

I recommend a ritual shower or bath during which you wash off all negativity, count your blessings, and say prayers of thanks to the Spiritual Sun. Sing a few of your favourite love songs very loudly, at least loud enough so that the neighbours can hear you. Clearly visualize everything that you can rightfully want, and vow to be a better you during the coming Month. Truth is: None of us are perfect!

After you leave the bathroom and arrange yourself take a look at your finances and see where the weakness are, because they really are going to show up during the coming Month. With Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd House of this chart we are all still trying to ‘do the Math and get it right’. Both individually and collectively finances remain at issue. The new moon in Virgo in September is going to see a Sun Saturn Moon Conjunction that will bring ‘reality’ to finances at every level.

Now that you smell nice and are in your right mind I think it is worth mentioning that this is an excellent time to initiate positive changes, and starting a new venture , like a business or creative project, or simply going on an adventure. That new relationship might just be the one you have been waiting for all along. Jupiter this strong at the New Moon also means that you can mend broken friendships and reunite with that alienated loved one.

There has been a big song and dance about the recent Retrograde Mercury: Communications get snarled, weird delays,your laptop bursts into flame!
[2]Just because Mercury has gone Direct doesn’t mean that we are out of the communications snarl-up loop. We are in for a Month of disinformation, confusion, and outright lies even from people we have no reason to believe would deceive us. You know the formula for successful communication with other people and the world: “Believe and Verify”. We all need to be careful that we don’t take everything we hear at face value, even from trusted sources. Fact check everything before you pass it on, your source may be innocently misinformed.

Overall this is a predominately positive New Moon; about 75% positive. Nearly nothing Neutral and the 25% Negative could prove troublesome but happily not insurmountable. We get our vision clear, clarify our strategy, and keep positive, and we will be fine. Peace and Blessings to all.

[1] with Jupiter in Sidereal Aries aspecting its best friend in the whole Solar system namely the Sun and also in aspect to its three other favourites Moon Venus and in a positive aspect to its other Pal Mars…

[2] Mercury has gone direct and today we find it at 24 Cancer 07 in a horrible Trine to the North Node of the Moon 25 Scorpio 31 Rx The Mercury functions in this New Moon Chart are also troubled; Saturn in Virgo Mars in Gemini in a 2 Degree Square, separating but still.

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  1. Gaye permalink
    August 30, 2011 5:40 AM

    Alexander has been my thoughtful astrologer for many years and he is wise and gifted. I have had readings by many well known astrologers such as Jessica Murray and Maya del Mar but Alexander is able to connect to your unique profile with a depth that is unsurpassed.

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