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Western Sidereal: Full Moon Aquarius: Sept 12 2011:

September 10, 2011

The Moon in Aquarius is a mystery to most people including Astrologers. This is all the more-so when we are looking at a Full Moon in Aquarius. We would expect the Age of Aquarius to be reflected in the Aquarius Full Moon at a lunar level. The Moon in principle is Occultism in the sense that it embodies what is simultaneously occult-ed and yet at the same time revealed. When we encounter the immediate presence of another in the 3 Dimensional world, we have an instant impression of the other coupled with the awareness that there is a great deal about them that remains hidden from immediate perception.

The Lunar includes the Psyche – traditionally called the Astral Body – combined with its unconscious or hidden content. At the same time the Moon energized by the Sun reflects the whole surrounding Solar System. In the individual chart the Moon is where the Native feels personal experience and emotional meaning in its most immediate intensity. Astrology has always concerned itself with the interpretation of Sun + Moon combinations. Core Individuality represented by the Sun is reflected as emotional experience in the Moon. The Moon is also the site for the emotional reception of the whole surrounding world and its relationships.

The event of a Full Moon brings all these levels of meaning and experience into sharp and intense focus. When the Sun is in Leo, its ‘Rulership” and the Moon is Full in Aquarius we have an interesting and revealing situation. Traditionally Aquarius is ‘ruled’ by ‘Saturn the enemy of the Sun’ in more recent times the new co-ruler of Aquarius; Ouranus has been added. Astrologers have the task when evaluating the Natal Chart of determining the balance of Saturn and Ouranus as reflected in the Natal Moon.

Traditionally Moon in Aquarius meant that the individual was strongly aware, as immediate presence, of the long-term consequences of their emotional reactions. Aquarius being the “Day House” of Saturn meant that the Aquarius Moon individual was at pains to make themselves understood and coherent to the surrounding world of others. Due to this Saturn ‘influence’ there is a certain reticence and even insularity to those with the Moon in Aquarius. The aim is to act with a thoughtful caution in order to behave correctly and gain acceptance through a kind of ‘do it by the book’ approach regardless of ones inner feelings or private impulses and desires.

Saturn is Karma which we all weave every day of our lives, mostly in an unconscious and un-self-revealed way. We meet the consequences of our Karma with the right attitude when we look for the lesson to be learned in the karmic experience. Karma often comes to us in a mysterious way which we could not have anticipated, and many people in the throws of a Karmic crisis, sincerely wonder; “why me?” We have acted in the past and had no clear idea of what the karmic consequences of our actions were going to turn out to be.

As Saturn slowly gives way as ‘ruler’ of Aquarius to Ouranus this situation will alter dramatically. The Age of Aquarius will mean that each and everyone of us will immediately perceive the probable karmic consequences of our actions and decisions as we are taking them. What we do in the moment or in a more long-term way will reveal its karmic results before any actual action has taken place. In this way we will all become the masters and rulers of our future Karma. The term “taking responsibility” will take on a much more profound and spiritual meaning.

The early signs of the coming age of Aquarius are emerging in many ways throughout humanity and the world, but only those who can pre-vision karma are actually in touch with the Age of Aquarius in a conscious and spiritual way.

This Full Moon in Aquarius is a wonderful occasion when we can mediate on what has gone out from us into the world and what we have sent into our relationships. When we see and feel that what we decide and do today has already seeded future Karma we can begin to “take responsibility” in a meaningful Aquarian way. We also see clearly that what we decide and do during this Full Moon in Aquarius carries profound long-term future consequences. Equally we can consciously seed the future with our determination to act and be, in such a way as to perfect the balance of our purpose here in this series of lifetimes, which is to develop Love, Wisdom, and Freedom in order to go fully forward into the coming Age of Aquarius.

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