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Western Sidereal Moon New In Virgo: Tuesday September 27 2011

September 26, 2011

This is an extremely significant New Moon in Sidereal Virgo charged with the kind of potential to really change not just individual lives, but the whole world. On the surface even, this chart jumps out and seizes our attention. A Mercury, Ouranus Opposition is no laughing matter by anyone’s estimation. In a Natal Chart it is inclined to make it’s Natives: Insolent, Chaotic, and Incoherent!

With Mercury,Moon,Sun, Venus, Saturn in a Stellium in Virgo, and all of this is in a strong opposition to Ouranus retrograde in Pisces. The Venus Saturn Conjunction in late Virgo is in a tight Sextile with the Dragons Head in Scorpio! And Getting a Sextile from a Detrimental Mars and involved in an Inconjunct with Jupiter which is Square Mars and in a Mutual reception. A complicated situation which can only bode ill to be sure.

With a Stellium you are talking about accumulated mass, the problem is interpretation, because you have a cluster of Planets all in Conjunctions by Longitude and in this case by by Sign. Aspects by Longitude can be deceptive because that Conjunction may not be so conjunct after all if the Declination (where the Planets actually are in space) is wide.

When we look into this situation to find the aspect ‘hot spots’ we discover that the real and totally tight opposition is between Mercury and Ouranus. A Mercury, Ouranus Opposition is no laughing matter by anyone’s estimation. In a Natal Chart it is inclined to make it’s Natives: Insolent, Chaotic, and Incoherent!

What is Virgo in reality? Virgo is philosophical Phenomenalism which is at the heart of Phenomenology and “ concentrates on the detailed description of conscious experience, without recourse to explanation, metaphysical assumptions, and traditional philosophical questions. the science of phenomena as opposed to the science of being”.

For Virgo Appearances and immediate Experience are everything. Not surprisingly Virgo is also the Sense of Change. Yes in Western Sidereal Astrology you have 12 Senses. This sense of Change combined with highly dramatized Appearance and Experience can bring people to the realization that the time for real Change has come. And this at every level of Life.

Virgo is not so interested in how something endures for all eternity or even what the God/esses may think of it, but only in its immediate meaning and value as a field for Experience. Because Virgo has a profound awareness of Change as it is happening it is capable of forming immediate and critical assessments of the value of Change as it is actually happening in real Time. This is why educated Virgos make rather excellent advisers and analytical thinkers

Virgo adores smart fact-based strategy. Any real evidence that ‘Management’ doesn’t know what it is doing fills them with disquiet, when they analyze the situation and discover that there truly is “something rotten in the State of Denmark” all hell can break lose. Virgoans are basically Middle Class in mentality. The Virgo political and economic analysis that began with the entry into Virgo of Saturn [in October 2009] is coming to a head. We will see this writ large and bold at the next Full Moon on the 12th of October.

We are inclined to think that Ouranus would always be on the side of the progressive Angels, but when it is in its Fall in Pisces as is the case here its natural talent for the unexpected and even outrageous and violent can be used by the ‘dark side of the Force’. And this is what we are expecting now; some sudden and extreme crisis to be used to distract the public from what is going on on Wall Street for instance, and elsewhere.

Ouranus is Opposite Mercury and the New Moon, in turn it is Trine Mars in Cancer, which is receiving a Square from Jupiter which Retrograde in Aries, the Sign of Mars. Jupiter is said to be Exalted in Cancer the Sign of the Moon, and in this case Mars is Sextile the Moon from the Sign of the Moon. See what I mean by complicated?

However what all this adds up to is Fiscal Poker the likes of which we have never seen before. This aspect can also escalate existing Military and add new War Situations.

Virgo Saturn Venus Conjunction, in a Sextile to the Dragons Head in Scorpio and involved in an Inconjunct with Jupiter shows us that control will fragment and divisions at every level will increase.

Saturn Venus Conjunctions are notoriously repressed but look at the Sextile to North Node Scorpio. Stated briefly the Dragons head in Western Sidereal Scorpio is the door to pit of Hell itself. Things will go to extremes during the coming two weeks culminating at the Full moon in Pisces on the 12th of October.

The thing to be doing here is attending to the Good the True and the Beautiful; keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind and feelings. Think about the ones you love, and count blessings.

Notes In The Margin

Every Full Moon is an activation of the Cross it is occurring in. This Full Moon is a radical activation of the Mutable Cross which we may know contains Pisces the First House in this Age of Pisces; also Gemini the Fourth House in this age of Pisces, Virgo the Seventh House in this age of Pisces and Sagittarius the Tenth House in this age of Pisces.

The radical activation of the 1st 4th 7th and 10th Houses of the Mutable Cross alerts us to the fact that far reaching changes in all the main areas of life are to be expected during a time when the Mutable Cross is being activated to this extent.

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