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Western Sidereal Virgo And War:

September 30, 2011

In my last post on New Moon In Western Sidereal Virgo, I pointed out that the New Moon Virgo Aspects and and their culmination on the 11th-12th October Full Moon in Pisces, were/are likely to heighten Military tensions around the Globe and also bring the demonstrations now happening with increasing violence by the NYPD to a decisive and possibly explosive climax.


There are many people, well in fact the majority, who believe that the current prevailing conditions are governed by Peace loving Libra and in the face of news reports of Wall Street Violence are forced to stretch metaphors about the Scales of Justice and reestablishing the Balance and so forth.

I wrote: However what all this adds up to is Fiscal Poker the likes of which we have never seen. This aspect can also escalate existing Military tensions and add new War Situations.

While reading these Tropical Libra rationalizations I have been reminded of what Cyril Fagin had to say on the subject:

Sign of Noted Soldiers

Astrologers balk at the idea of a Libra Ascendant for Napoleon, but they accept with placid composure the fact that such noted soldiers and sailors as Wallenstein, General Gamelin, Lord French, Marshal Hindenburg, Marshal Foch, Lord Roberts, General Branchitsch, Lord Nelson and General Eisenhower, to name only a few, were born with the Sun in the sign Libra. Seemingly they see nothing radically wrong in this; notwithstanding the fact that their textbooks aver that one’s basic character must be deduced from the sign occupied by the Sun at birth.

These same textbooks inform us that those born with the Sun in Libra, ruled by the amorous and peace-loving Venus, the astrological antithesis of Mars, the god of war, are averse to war and strife in all its manifold manifestations. Par excellence they are the peacemakers of the world, eschewing contentions, factions, disputes and hostilities on all occasions. Tending to live a life of elegant ease, they become absorbed in the pursuit of love, pleasure, gaiety, music and the arts generally. Thronging the salons of the elite and the fashionable, they incline to an indolent and luxurious existence, intent only on sensuous gratifications.

Surely these attributes are not the basic characteristics of these soldiers and sailors? If they are, then the pursuit of astrology is vain and its literature worthless. Some will, of course, argue that the horoscope as a whole must be considered, and not merely the Sun sign. If this is so, then why bother to publish Sun-sign interpretations at all? But this is only a quibble, as statistics have demonstrated.

The truth of the matter is that these soldiers and sailors were born with the Sun in the constellation Virgo and they partake in abundance its characteristics. The science of war is one of brain not brawn, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the significator of intellect.

Like a great game of chess, the strategy and tactics of an impending battle are usually minutely worked out, with businesslike thoroughness, in the General’s map-room, remote from the field of operation. War is a contest of brain pitted against brain, of science against science, in which the cleverest wins the day. The conduct of a battle is a mathematical science, where the numerical strength of the enemy’s troops, vehicles, artillery and supplies, should be known with minute precision; as well as the nature of the terrain, the lines of communication, the state of the weather and other vital details too numerous to mention.

It is a case where the coldly calculating Mercury holds preeminence over the fiery and passionate Mars; and in no constellation is Mercury so strong as in Virgo, its dignity and its exaltation.

The Cyril Fagan writing quoted here were excerpted from the column, “Solunars,” written for American Astrology magazine.
[September 1959].

It is clearly obvious that that the Protesters on Wall Street are bringing brilliant Virgoan – Mercury strategy to bear against the ‘the enemy’ they have so far succeeded in making the NYPD – Mars look like Thugs and out of control Goons.

The protester strategy has been designed to play well on TV Media, hence the near Black-Out. They also know that the more the Mainstream Media Black them Out the more they will be posted on YouTube and all Social Network sites. And this kind of coverage is gaining so much momentum that it is increasing difficult for the Mainstream Media to ignore them. It is clear that Mercury can trump Mars in a game of strategy.

On the night of the 11th-12th October we will have a Full Moon in Pisces in opposition to a Sun Saturn Conjunction in Sidereal Virgo.


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