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October 17th – November 17th: Sun Is In Western Sidereal Libra:

October 16, 2011

October 17-November- 17: The Sun is in the Western Sidereal Constellation of Libra:

For all you are a sparkling social and sociable being you are also deeply serious. You gravitate naturally towards the good the true and the beautiful. Acutely aware of cultural trends and movements you know where you are and how to play it most of the time.

Libra Gliph

You have a marvelous sense of timing but unfortunately you also procrastinate. This means that you spend a lot of time trying to figure out wither you are procrastinating or exercising your brilliant sense of timining.

You are just so naturally nice that members of the opposite sex often mistake your warmth and receptivity for romantic interest. You always look like you have a lot of potential partners but in fact you are not at all easy to match with a potential spouse.

You love conversation and storytelling if the conversation is meaningful and the story carries wisdom. You can do small talk brilliantly but it bores you and you only use it as a device to either get what you want or to lead into more serious territory.

Being extremely well read and possessing a good memory you sometimes don’t let on to the extent of your knowledge, preferring to let the other do the talking. You are a natural practitioner of active listening and employing well chosen questions. It often happens that the verbose other will suddenly realize that they are being humored. That is when you save them from embarrassment by appreciating the one true if obvious thing that they have said. If needed you see no harm in throwing in a little flattery to save the day.

You probably wrote the desiderata “Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are a vexation to the spirit”.
You have a natural psychological sophistication and can hear the hidden meaning in what people are saying or rather not saying. You perceive complexity nuance and context all at the same time. You dislike taking sides because you see the whole situation. This leads some people to accuse you of sitting on the fence. But you know well that most of life’s day to day problems solve themselves in time or just simply disappear.

You are a master of strategic delay and avoid a lot of problems simply by postponing them until they are forgotten. You can be found sitting around apparently doing nothing but usually you are thinking deeply about how you are going to do something. You will often jump up at the last minute and get whatever it is done in the twinkling of an eye before lapsing back into your apparent laziness. The fact is you are also really lazy. This is why as time goes by, your life, which can be messy, gets more and better organized. It takes less effort that way.

You show a marked tendency to drift in a quagmire of indecision particularly if you must face something disagreeable or just plain awkward. In this way you appear to be letting life just happen to you and not following any thought out plan for your future. You for instance will put off marriage to any of your many admirers until they all marry other people and you end up alone. If the marriage house in your chart is afflicted then none of them really wanted to marry you, which is why you really didn’t want to marry any of them.

With you everything is in the balance of your existence. With the exaltation of Saturn in Libra you quite like your own company up to a point. You like to read and write you are also a really good artist and designer if you try. And people will buy your work if you go into any of these fields.

You are also well suited to retail sales at the high end of the market place. But you may end up stuck in some boring but secure administrative or executive assistant post.

It is not so much that you actually want to be alone but you want to be left alone. Because of your acute sensitivity to the vibrations of others you may have shut down and become a superficial person. But if you are still intact you will like a deeply intimate relationship with moments of extremely high erotic intensity followed by long lulls and periods of calm everydayness. You should get married.

Because of the current confusion (produced by the “tropical zodiac of signs”) many Libra people think they are Scorpio and mistake their highly developed Venusian eroticism for the raw primordial sexuality of Mars ‘ruled’ Scorpio. But if you are Libra any crudeness or savagery in the sexual realm disgusts and repels you. It is the mythic poetics of romantic love that calls to you. If your chart combines Libra and Scorpio elements then you are an extremely intense sexy creative individual.

Work is your salvation the moment you get your attitude towards it realized in the right way. This means taking pleasure in the task itself rather than dwelling upon what it might or might not lead to. Or what social image or prestige is implied by the current work. When you embrace responsibility you are invincible.

You are naturally over concerned with what people think of you. It is important to think about one of the natural laws of life and it is this. One third of all people love you on sight, one third of all people are indifferent to you, and one third of all people hate you. With your charm and talent it is easy to get the indifferent third to also love you. At that point the third who hate you will plot your downfall. But the two thirds who love you will also protect you. That’s life.

At your best you are a brilliant team player able to get everyone positively motivated and feeling good about getting the job done. Your natural diplomatic skills come into play and you can often get the most unlikely people to cooperate. Your beautiful home can also be a centre of cultural and social life.

Because of your deep seriousness and periodic melancholy the meaning and purpose of life is on your mind. Spiritual meaningfulness engages you and big picture spiritual philosophies that can speak meaningfully and subtly to all aspects of life are your natural home. In the later part of your life you will attain enlightenment by the depth of your understanding.


Element: Cardinal Air:

Ruler: Venus:

Exaltation: Saturn:

Detriment: Mars:

Fall: Sun:

Sense: Balance:

Philosophy: Realism:

Archetypal Zodiac: 6th House.

Age of Pisces: 8th House.

Libra the sixth Constellation in the Archetypal Zodiac has always been associated with the scales of justice. In ancient Egypt this balance was understood by everyone as being personified in the Goddess Maat. This Maat is the female figure we see in all depictions of the “Hypostasia” or negative confession in which the recently dead Egyptian appears with his heart being weighed on a scales with a feather on the other pan. Thoth the personification of all knowledge and skill stands by in his image of a scribe to record the outcome of the judgment of the Goddess Maat. The traditional meanings of the 6th house speak loud and clear.

There is a fundamental rule of Astrology that an adverse Planet placed in a positive Starhouse may ’spoil’ it. And that a positive Planet placed in an adverse Starhouse is ’spoiled’ by it. But an Adverse Planet placed in an Adverse Starhouse will function positively this may be called the “Reverse-Adverse” rule. Here we have a perfect example of this “reverse-adverse” rule. Saturn is exalted in Libra the 6th Starhouse of “ripe karmic effects” in the Archetypal Zodiac.

About Mercury & Venus: Hermes & Aphrodite: Hermaphrodite: The Sacred Hermaphrodite Means:
The Mystical Marriage Within The Innermost Self With The Sun: The Self’s Abiding Within Beness.
Buddhi: Sacred Soul: = Venus: Mysticism. Manas: Innate intelligence:= Mercury: Transcendentalism:

Before The Modern Era The Planet We Now Call Mercury was Called Venus. And The Planet We Now Call Venus Was Called Mercury. This Can Be Confirmed By Looking At Any Classical or Ancient Map Of The Solar System. How is this to be understood? The Sun Venus and Mercury were understood by the Egyptians who originated Astrology As Osiris Isis And Horus.

This Triune Deity was later Called God The Father The Holy Spirit and Jesus.

This Triune Deity was also called the Logos: The Authentic Unifying Individuality within the Manifold field of Perception and Experience. In This sense every individual Self is a true Logos.

It is advisable to understand Mercury And Venus As a twofold yet Single Integrated Awareness State Of the Authentic Individual. For Instance it is Most Illuminating To See Ones Natal Mercury as Venus and ones natal Venus as Mercury. In the case of their conjunction within one Sidereal Sign this is almost unavoidable. But when they are in different Signs and Elements the results of this interchanged analysis can be Highly Revealing. The principle, to be kept in mind and understood, is that Mercury Articulates and Expresses Venus. And Venus Understands and makes Mercury Present as self apprehending Self-awareness.

Mercury/Venus are the Transcendental-Presence Horizon of Self Awareness. The following example will illustrate. You are Listening to a Concert of Complex Emotionally moving Music, to which you have given yourself over entirely; so that you have Become the Music. A vast inner space filled with the self as music has opened up within you. At the Horizon of this inner space Mercury spontaneously understands the beautiful complexity of the Music and Venus feels it deeply.

Or again: You are looking at a visual artistic masterpiece. The subject matter and colors invoke deep complex feelings: Venus. While you simultaneously appreciate the technical virtuosity and composition: Mercury. Meditation is one of the ways to cultivate and sensitize this Awareness State.

It was surely a Mercury Venus Conjunction that said “ Truth is Beauty and Beauty Truth”.

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