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The Sun Is In The Western Sidereal Constellation Of Scorpio: November 17th 2011:

November 18, 2011


The Sun is in the Constellation of SCORPIO:

Archetypal Zodiac: Seventh Constellation and Starhouse:

To Know To Dare And To Be Silent:

Burning restraint and implacable intentions vibrate in the depths of your deeply magnetic being. It is you against the world no matter how you present yourself outwardly. Your position in the world is a power position, even if you don’t have any, which is unlikely. You think that doing things the hard way is the right way. But that isn’t always true as life is slowly teaching you.

Early in life you realized that most others are unable to read you. Equally early you awakened to adult desires. This encouraged you to test the limits of people’s intelligence, patience and vulnerability. You discovered that you could get away with almost anything. Except disastrously sometimes you run into someone who can see straight through you and this always at the most inconvenient moment. If you turn to crime you will definitely do time.

You are perceived as secretive because as previously mentioned you are very hard to read. But you are also actually secretive and have a rare talent for telling the ‘truth’ but leaving out crucial details. Part of the irony of being Scorpio is that you keep many secrets from yourself. This produces a mental climate of enigma and mystery and can imbue your life with a kind of X Files feeling.

You have physical and psychological courage and may turn to athletics the military, police work, or security in the real or cyber world. If Mercury is well placed you are a good detective, hacker, research scientist, or corporate leader. If you enter the military with an education you become a general. Deeply insecure socially you may seek higher education in order to gain a title to protect you from your painful social identity crisis.

Vendetta is a word that you understand and woe betide the one who wrongs you and waits too long or fails to make humble and sincere reparations. The saying: “revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold” was probably coined by you. So intensely felt and held are your partnerships that if there is betrayal as there inevitably is sometimes, then you become the dark avenging angel. And what if you believe that they deserve whatever you have decided to have done to them? Haven’t you heard? “Evil must come into the world but woe betide the bearer of it”. It is important for you to remember that justice and revenge are rarely if ever the same thing.

Being actually loved can make you rage because you don’t want to be constrained and you see love as a trap. You fear that the one who truly loves you will also see you as you really are. Should this happen it will bring on the dark night of the soul and ego death. This you know. No one is good enough for you and you always think you can do better, so you secretly keep your options open. As more than one Scorpio has put it “my spouse is married I’m not”. But you are virtually helpless without the right partner. And no matter how much sex you explore or have, you discover that lust is death. And the kind of desire you have can never be actually satisfied but only overcome.

If you actually fall in love and it goes badly you can loose your inner balance and attempt to obliterate yourself in alcohol or drugs. At bottom you are trying to kill the physical world. The spiritualization of sexual energy is crucial to your well-being. You react to magic and the occult. Because of your terrific powers of concentration and magnetic energy you can invoke occult powers and penetrate mysteries. Your thoughts turn into energy and actions with unusual intensity. If your motives are not pure you can destroy yourself and those connected to you in this way; and compromise yourself for lifetimes to come.

If you are an emancipated Scorpio you have overcome the psychology of sex and death to discover love and immortality. In this case you are a tremendous influence for good. You are a centre of purposive and ethical work in the world. You have a genius for turning wealth into more wealth.

You can see into the motivations of everyone you meet. Many people will seek your advice and the circle of your good alliances will grow. There is a good marriage of honesty monogamy and loyalty. There is no limit to what you can achieve, but oddly and appropriately at exactly the same stage when you can have the world you loose interest in it. You see the ultimate emptiness of mere worldly wealth and power and turn your eyes towards eternity. You may do this while maintaining some power position in the world because you detest being imposed upon or interfered with in any way. It is in your fate to spend the last stage of your life in inner if not outer solitude.

You can meditate and fast for prolonged periods with ease and calm intense endurance. If you have an actual spiritual awakening you will acquire a large following without even trying. Your spiritual magnetism is potentially world shaking. As an enlightened being you would be a revolutionary activist.

SCORPIO: Element: Fixed Water:
Ruler: Mars:
Exaltation: Dragons Tail:
Detriment: Venus:
Fall: Moon:
Sense: Smell:
Philosophy: Dynamism:
Archetypal Zodiac: 7th House.
Age of Pisces: 9th House.

The seventh starhouse has always been associated with partnerships of all kinds, particularly, marriage. We have only to realize that all couplings and unions are based on desire to understand that the seventh Starhouses natural ruler is Mars in the constellation of Scorpio.

Marriage union is of necessity sexual union. The capacity for romantic love is shown by the fifth starhouse, ruled by Mercury-Venus. Pure sexuality is revealed by the seventh and its ruler – depending on the ascendant – in relation to Mars and its other house, the 12th. So, we see here the classical union of Venus and Mars. Scorpio is the psychological side of desire, or, to put it in spiritual terms, the seventh starhouse of Scorpio determines the Astral-Etheric chemistry between individuals.

We note also that here the expansion into the outer planets takes place – the adult native’s involvement with an outer world, the intensified involvement with other individuals. The emotional forces of sympathy and antipathy – like and dislike – determine the basic activity of the seventh starhouse. Here, again, we come to understand why the ancient sages of star wisdom attributed open enemies to the seventh starhouse and secret enemies to the twelfth starhouse, as both starhouses are “ruled” by Mars, the classical god of desire, action and war.

The philosophy of Dynamism is grounded in the conviction that magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion are the animating principle of life. In reply to the question: “What is God?” – the native with a predomination of planets in the constellation of Scorpio will reply: “God is energy!”

Substance is manifest energy. It Astro-logically follows that partnerships are shared potential energy with the mutual conviction that beneficial substance is being generated. Where the attempt to share dynamically polarized energy breaks down, conflict and enmity are the natural outcome. Energy is the content of substance. Beings act upon substance in order to produce forms of all kinds. The central issue in a potential marriage is: ”What substance is potential or available out of which a lasting union can be formed?” A central goal of a marriage union is increase of life substance in the form of finance, social connections, shared domestic facilities, etc.

The detriment of Venus-Mercury in Scorpio shows in an over involvement in imaginary and actual sex of all kinds. Also when the Mercury side of Venus-Mercury is emphasized and unsupported by benefic planets the Native will tend to be an inveterate liar and deceiver. Here the negative side of Scorpios “secretiveness” comes through with a vengeance and the Native will lie by omission.

The changeable and fluid Moon is considered to be in its fall in Scorpio for two reasons one is that Scorpio is the Starhouse opposite the Moons exaltation in the Constellation of Taurus; the other reason is that the element of Fixed Water over intensifies the emotions. In an intellectual or creative Sidereal Birth Chart the Moon in Scorpio will intensify the Natives concentrative and investigative abilities.

It is easily seen that the seventh starhouse determines personal magnetism and, by extension, is indicative of the native’s relationship with the public. Public life is a multiple partnership with many individuals. The power of benefic planets in the seventh and positive aspects to them from the rest of the chart reveals the extent to which the native can become recognized by a public. Needless to say, the 10th starhouse and its ruler determine whether the native becomes famous or notorious.

Does it not make sense that the traditional house of “open enemies”, the 7th, is ruled by the warlord Mars?


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