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The Real Halloween: Full Moon: Western Sidereal Taurus: December 10 2011:

December 10, 2011

Sun In Sidereal Scorpio Full Moon In Taurus:

The Real Halloween:

Since time immemorial the bridge between the living and the dead has been the bridge that spans the Stars in Scorpio and the Stars in Taurus. More specifically the “night of the dead” is when the Sun is in the Constellation of Scorpio and the Moon is full in the Constellation of Taurus. The Moon is said to be exalted in Venus ‘ruled’ Taurus which makes it “the night of the blessed dead”.

Obviously this is not the 31st of October the night of Halloween in the secular Roman Calender. So what is going on? This is just one more unfortunate result of the Tropical Zodiacs fixed Vernal Point at Zero Aries. The spiritual and Cosmic event of Halloween no longer aligns with the true positions of the Planets and Stars in the actual Constellations.

Astrology when deeply and properly understood is Human and Cosmic Religion. The spiritual alignment of humanity to the surrounding Cosmos of Stars and Constellations is of paramount importance. A ‘spiritual event’ becomes meaningless at a deeper level and becomes a mere secular cultural tradition lacking all inner resonance and potency. The real tradition is lost energetically by becoming disconnected from its source over time. And this surely is what has happened to Halloween; a vulgarized Fright Night for candy munching children.

This is the true Cosmic and Astrological Halloween; so what is going on in this full Moon Chart ?

We have The Sun at Scorpio 23 Dragons Head at Scorpio 19 and Mercury at Scorpio 10 Rx. Naturally the Moon is at Taurus 23 and Mars is at Leo 18: The Fixed T Square is intense and active. The Fixed Cross of Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius is fully activated. A central characteristic of the Fixed Cross is to contain energetic content until it reaches explosive intensity and then when triggered, it blows, releasing charged content. The meaning is resistible force meeting the immovable object producing polarization and radical change.

Mars in Leo is the warrior of the Sun. In the Western tradition this Sun Warrior is an Archangel called Michael. He is often depicted with his sword drawn and the heel of his right foot on the neck of the Dragon which in this case is in Scorpio. A spiritual war is raging in the Cosmos and this war is reflected on Earth in the ever increasing tension and conflict between the forces of light, goodness and freedom; against the forces of darkness, hate and oppression.

Saturn in Libra Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries tell us that the effects of this Full Moon with its Eclipse will have long term consequences. A new balance between reality and idealism is being struck and established.

As the hosts of the ‘dead’ leave this world in order to ascend in the direction of the Spiritual Sun they must flow into the Moon Sphere and enter the atmosphere of decisive moral and spiritual decisions. The back flow, or ‘blow back’ to the Earth means that these polarized energies become intensified for the whole world.

There is a Sphere of Ascent into higher spiritual worlds and a Sphere of Descent into hell worlds of darkness and these are determined for the individual by the law of attraction. The Nodes of the Moon in close proximity to the Sun and the Moon are the Gates of Ascent and Descent, and here they are opened wide. This is the spiritual meaning of the Eclipse of the Moon. The Moon is captured within the Cone of the Earths shadow, and the shadow is a bridge and and a road where the traffic of beings and energies flow both ways.

During this full Moon we all might benefit from taking a “fearless moral inventory” and reaffirming our commitment to a life dedicated to Love, Wisdom and Freedom and remembering our natural affinity to the Good the True and The Beautiful. Having done these things we might then think about the ‘dead’ we know and care about, and indeed all of the ‘dead’ and pray that they find their way safely into worlds of Light, Love and Wonder.

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    what made u choose sidereal over tropical

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