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Theseus Alexis Sattvah:

I have been practicing Western Sidereal Astrology for decades and have many long term fully satisfied clients.

This website/blog aims to share the knowledge and understanding of Western Sidereal Astrology with a wider public and clientèle.

There are four things that you need from a Professional Sidereal Astrology reading:

[1]: The conviction that I actually understand you and intuitively “get you”. This establishes a level of trust between us that is reinforced by our understanding that the reading is strictly confidential.

[2]: A clear appraisal of the current situation, your challenges needs and desires, combined with how these impact upon your personal and professional relationships:

The compatibility comparison of your chart to the chart of a significant other, family member, or potential business partner:

[3]: A credible vision of the immediate and long-term future and what you can be thinking and doing now to realistically prepare for what lies ahead.

[4]: “Character is Destiny”: An in-depth analysis of the psychological and spiritual dimensions of your chart, which reveals your long-term path in this lifetime. I am sensitive to karmic and reincarnational content and will go into it when it is necessary.

Theseus Alexis Sattvah

I will get around to telling you about my life as a sidereal astrologer, promise. But in the mean time if you have any question or would like me to do your chart email me at this address:


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  1. July 12, 2011 2:45 AM


    Great website – many thanks for this. Just a quick question for you. I’m a new student to astrology but have quickly come to see the truth about tropical vs sidereal (I beiieve sidereal is the true astrology). However, can you set me straight on one issue. I noticed in certain places on your website the charts used show the houses as equal 30 degree segments whereas other charts seem to plot the various signs according to the true astronomical layout of the constellations in space. Why the difference in charts and which configuration do you recommend? Thanks in advance.


    PS. Do you offer a course and how much do you charge to do a chart? Thanks again!

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