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Canada Natal Sidereal BNA 1867:

Canada Natal Sidereal BNA 1867:

This is one of my favorite charts:

I am writing this piece throughout this whole weekend Friday June 29th to July 01 2007.

Canada was born as a unique twin nation French and British. Here the Sun Ouranus and Moon are fatefully found together. The Moon at 05 Gemini 57, Ouranus at 15 Gemini 42 and the Sun at 15 Gemini 58. Fundamentally Gemini is the Ego made manifest as Mathematism.

These three bodies are emblematic of the French the British and the Aboriginals.

The Planets that rule tradition and religion/philosophy of life are Saturn found here at 24 Libra 54 Retrograde and Jupiter at 14 Aquarius 37 Retrograde. Yes there will be the preservation of tradition and life philosophy but in a high minded and balanced way. Saturn in Libra is in a balanced harmonious aspect to progressive and forward looking Jupiter in Aquarius.

The B.N.A. or British North America Act grew out of a prolonged negotiation between the French in Lower Canada Quebec and the British in upper Canada Ontario, joined by the Atlantic regions. These negotiations were prolonged intricate and extremely exacting.

Two distinctly and equally powerful collective ethnic egos were obliged to find a path into a shared future.
All the more remarkable is the fact that the French were predominately Catholic and the British predominately Anglican and Protestant. Ad also to this that the French were already a minority within the larger British and American populations.

Gemini Canada will excel at all industries connected to transportation, and communication technologies. The great railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Alexander Graham Bell will invent the Telephone in Canada. Today Canada has more per capita high speed internet users than any other country. That is due of course to the Ouranus Sun conjunction in Gemini. Canadian writers are celebrated globally and Canadian telecommunications companies are exporting their products and expertise into global markets.

The polarity of Gemini Sagittarius will make Canadians restless and turn them into renowned world travelers.

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  1. Northern Composure permalink
    October 19, 2009 11:45 AM

    I’m a Canadian and I am also a sidereal astrologer, but I did not find out until recently that our internet is actually slower here than in in most other developed countries. This is due in part to our service being provided through cable and phone lines, whereas fibre optics have been installed in most progressive nations. Even the US has faster internet service, which is surprising when you consider that Canadians tend to be more educated, on average.

    Thanks for posting this chart.

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