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Mars Transits: May 2007- May 2008:

These Mars Ingress charts are based on Universal Time Sidereal Time (UT) at Zero Hour [0Hour] which is Identical to midnight Greenwich Mean Time:

I have set these Charts to Toronto which makes all the sense in the world to me because it is where I am. I have provided the (UT) for all charts so that you can add or subtract your own time zone and so set the chart to where you live if outside the EST zone.

We see that Mars went into Sidereal Pisces on the 08th of May.

Mars Ingress. Sidereal Pisces: May 08 2007: (UT) 19H: 27M:


The advent of Mars into Pisces this year carries extra significance because Jupiter is in Scorpio and so we have a mutual reception of resonances. But everything is still gummed up and slowed down by the fact of Saturn at 23 Cancer 38 in an opposition to Neptune at 27 Capricorn 07. There is nevertheless a highly tense T Square involving the Sun at 22 Aries 59. This tension has a tendency to roil around at an internal level producing an odd mix of delay and inhibition combined with considerable frustration and impatience.

These highly tense resonances are further intensified by the Square from Jupiter 23 Scorpio 20 Retrograde to Ouranus 23 Aquarius 01. Jupiter Ouranus Squares tend to bring on a spirit of eccentric risk taking and extravagance, it is also deviant injudicious and radical. The involvement of the Moons Nodes at at 18 Aquarius 56 retrograde and 18 Leo 56 retrograde only adds to the karmic potency and intensification of the Jupiter Ouranus Square. And we see that this situation is being energized by Mars itself still in a Conjunction to Ouranus. Mars Ouranus Conjunctions tend to be daring impulsive and headstrong almost inevitably leading to considerable confusion and regret. Or accidents.

I wrote on: May 25th, 2007:
[…Mars in Pisces, when negative, just loves to play victim, martyr, and all round masochist, so watch out for those death talkers, demonizers and soul killers. Mars is Dynamism and Voluntarism in other words Focused Desire and when in Pisces the place of ‘Hearing’ and Psychism, psychological and psychic fields are likely to get stirred up and distorted to an almost ridiculous degree…]

We saw this with Bono and Geldof mouthing off and outright lying at the G8 Summit.

Interestingly and perhaps providentially Mars in Pisces is Heading towards a Trine [positive aspect] and a Mutual Reception with Jupiter in Scorpio. The astro-logic of this event is that Mars ‘rules’ Scorpio and Jupiter ‘rules’ Pisces so we find ourselves with a potentially positive confluence of Jupiter/Mars qualities. Most active May 30th to 16th of June. Looks like a good time for conflict resolution and an all round celebration. But then I have been accused of being over optimistic. Although how you can be too positive beats me…]

We are all used to being cynical about G8 Summits but all in all I think this one worked out quite well, where apparently intractable and irreconcilable ideologies and interests were able to find mutual ground and a way forward into a post Kyoto era..

Mars enters Sidereal Aries:

Mars Ingress. Sidereal Aries: June 17 2007: [UT]: 19H: 46M:


Mars arrives at home base in Aries. Here Mars forces and all of their related resonant fields will play large and emphatic. At a glance we see that Mars is heading for that all important Square to Saturn and Neptune. This cycle begins with a Mars Moon Square. Tempers are hot, impatience is in the air. Idealism: Aries collides with Materialism: Cancer. The collision continues all through Mars being in Aries and culminates in the days prior to July 30th when it passes into Taurus with explosive implacability in August.

All through June into July paranoia is in the air. So too is deception and power play involving currencies and financial affairs. The Military comes into focus with the strong possibility of insurrection from within unhappy armed forces, Iraq comes to mind. The danger of an expanding theater of war is immanent, [Iran?]. We could easily see a huge “false flag” terrorist attack for which Iran will be blamed.

That gummed up anxiety ridden atmosphere emanating from the Saturn Neptune Opposition I spoke of in March will become intolerable to many and we will see a lot of acting out both at a personal and Global level. People will not be in the mood to be deceived and will react cynically and angrily towards any attempt to manipulate or exploit them. Political activism will take on a different quality.
Mars enters Sidereal Taurus:

Mars Ingress. Sidereal Taurus: July 30 2007: 10H: 40M:


Mars Enters Sidereal Gemini:

Mars Ingress. Sidereal Gemini: Sept 18 2007: [UT]: 09H: 15M:


Mars turns retrograde in Gemini: November 15 2007 at 17 Degrees Gemini and 35 Minutes.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Nov: 15 2007: [17D: Gemini: 35M:] [UT]: 08H: 26M:


Mars Goes Direct on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini on January 30th 2008 at 29Degrees Taurus and 13 Minutes:


Mars Direct in Taurus/Gemini: January: 30 2008: 29D:Taurus: 13M: 22H: 34m:
Mars Recrosses Retrograde Point: April 04 2008: 17D:Gemini: 35M:

Mars enters Sidereal Cancer:

Mars Ingress. Sidereal Cancer: April 30: 2008: 02H: 18M:


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