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The character of Mars is traditionally described as aggressive, driven, competitive, the source of libido and masculine desire. Mars is the will to live as a physical being, and is obviously reflected in the “survival of the fittest”. Olympic standard athletes, Martial Artists and Warriors both of honor and fortune, are all vibrating in the resonance of Mars..

Mars directly related to the Sun tends to be overbearing and domineering. Related to the Moon it lends intensity to emotions and heightens sexual magnetism which it also does in a more refined way when related to Venus. Mars positively related to Mercury gives a highly acute and aggressive mind capable of extraordinary feats of concentration.

Mars and Jupiter are said to be friends and it is easy to see how the expansive and sometimes arrogant resonance of Jupiter would blend well with Mars, but at the same time carry a dangerous tendency towards extravagance and general overdoing.

Mars considered by the tradition to be the lesser Malefic is the enemy of Saturn, the great Malefic. The antagonism is mutual. In hard aspects the “irresistible force [Mars] meets the immovable object [Saturn]”. Things break, bones, machines, relationships and social orders.

Mars as the energy of freedom and engineering innovation, resonates well with Ouranus. A strong Mars Ouranus conjunction well related to Mercury in strength would be productive of innovative electronic technology and futuristic weapons systems. But when these resonances are misaligned we are in the realm of explosive and temperamental impatience, disruption and general chaotic energy. At a political level, revolution, coup de grace, and civil war.

One of the weirdest combinations is Mars and Neptune. When Neptune is stronger than Mars in the combination then Mars becomes diffuse vacillating and impulsive in a self indulgent and possibly deviant way. Where Mars is strong enough to absorb and direct the resonance of Neptune then unexpected creativity and apparently magical displays of social charisma. When the resonances of Mars and Neptune are equal there can be much self deception and deception of others.

Mars and Pluto combined are a scourge and a pain. Dictatorial implacable and cruel.

A definite thing to know about Mars is that it takes approximately 02 Years to go around the Sun. This is meaningful because it tells us that Mars spends Approximately 02 Months in a Sign and that six months after Mars reaches any given point in the Zodiac it is in Square or 90 Degrees from its starting point. A year from its starting point it is in an Opposition to itself and 18 Months later it is in a closing Square to itself. After 02 Years we have a Mars Return.

Mars Mundane:

At a Mundane or Global Astrological level Mars is expressed in the State Army, Police Force and the Industrial sector, particularly the Military Industrial Complex. Consequently Mars is involved with those forces and organizations that hold the State together and when adverse can split the State apart.

Many countries are ruled by Military Dictatorships and many ostensibly democratic states are in fact controlled by the military through the rhetoric of war and enemy making. The “war on terror” immediately comes to mind. So too does the “clash of civilizations” and the increasing militarization of Global society and the proliferation of arms trading and violent identity politics.

All sovereign States use Mars in order to define themselves through enemy choosing and making. Yet Mars is also involved in the will of the nation to assert and demand its just rights on the world stage and protect its borders. At an internal level Mars is implicated in violent organized crime, riots, and violent political protest.

As Mars transits the chart of the Individual or the State it tends to absorb the resonances of the other Planets and magnify them sometimes positively and at other times violently. It is most often Mars that triggers the resonances of other transits or directions in the chart and by activating them makes them manifest and concrete. Mars makes it happen!

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