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Mercury Venus Mystery:

Mercury Venus Mystery

Before The Modern Era The Planet We Now Call Mercury was Called Venus. And The Planet We Now Call Venus Was Called Mercury.  This Can Be Confirmed By Looking At Any Classical or Ancient Map Of The Solar System. How is this to be understood?


The Sun Venus and Mercury were understood by the Egyptians who originated Astrology As Osiris Isis And Horus. This Triune Deity was later Called God The Father The Holy Spirit and Jesus. This Triune Deity was also called the Logos: The Authentic Unifying Individuality within the Manifold field of Perception and Experience.  In This sense every individual Self is a true Logos.

It is advisable to understand Mercury And Venus As a twofold yet Single Integrated Awareness State Of the Authentic Individual. For Instance it is Most Illuminating To See Ones Natal Mercury as Venus and ones natal Venus as Mercury. In the case of their conjunction within one Sidereal Sign this is almost unavoidable. But when they are in different Signs and Elements the results of this interchanged analysis can be Highly Revealing.

The principle, to be kept in mind and understood, is that Mercury Articulates and Expresses Venus. And Venus Understands and makes Mercury Present as self apprehending Self-awareness.

Mercury-Venus are the Transcendental-Presence Horizon of Self Awareness. The following example will illustrate. You are Listening to a Concert of Complex Emotionally moving Music, to which you have given yourself over entirely; so that you have Become the Music. A vast inner space filled with the self as music has opened up within you. At the Horizon of this inner space Mercury spontaneously understands the beautiful complexity of the Music and Venus feels it deeply. Or again: You are looking at a visual artistic masterpiece. The subject matter and colors invoke deep complex feelings: Venus. While you simultaneously appreciate the technical virtuosity and composition: Mercury. Meditation is one of the ways to cultivate and sensitize this Awareness State.

It was surely a Mercury Venus Conjunction that said “ Truth is Beauty and Beauty is Truth”.

Hermes & Aphrodite: Hermaphrodite: The Sacred Hermaphrodite Means: The Mystical Marriage Within The Innermost Self With The Sun: The Self’s Abiding Within Beness. Buddhi: Sacred Soul: = Venus: Mysticism. Manas: Innate intelligence:= Mercury: Transcendentalism:

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