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Western Sidereal Astrology Is A Sacred Science:


All of the Astrology on this site is confidently and happily Western Sidereal. I have been successfully practicing Western Sidereal Astrology for many years. The purpose of this site which is also a school for Western Sidereal Astrology is to introduce Western Sidereal Astrology to the very many people who are interested in it. At this stage there is already a lot here for you to explore.

In the very near future I will be adding a lot more information about this absolutely fascinating and relevant subject. When you read through all of the Astrology pages that are here now you will have a pretty good idea of what Western Sidereal Astrology is about.

In time I hope that this Sidereal Astrology school and site will become a center for Western Sidereal Astrologers, students, and interested members of the general public. I also hope to add a Sidereal Chart Calculator so that you can calculate your chart and then look up the various meanings it will have, in the many writings on this site. Almost any Astrology Software has a Sidereal function that you can employ, so this is not an urgent problem.

If you go looking, as I have often done, for Western Sidereal Astrology, on the internet, you wont find much. There is really a lot of Hindu Sidereal Astrology out there and an overwhelmingly vast quantity of Tropical Astrology. But next to no Western Sidereal Astrology, which brings me to a very important point.


I am unable to discuss the relative merits of Tropical as compared to Sidereal. There cannot be two Zodiacs, one of them is correct and the other one isn’t, in which case it was never an actual Zodiac in the first place. I have had that fruitless discussion about the so called “two zodiacs” too many times, with Tropicalists who when faced with the truth, resort to the lowest kind of intellectual dishonesty, and admit that the truth is true, but insist that their lie is true too!

People believe in the “tropical zodiac of signs” because it is the first and only astrology they have ever met. Once their ego has identified with it they become “true believers”. Because the “tropical zodiac of signs” isn’t actually Astrology they become incapable of thinking astrologically. They sincerely “believe” that they are comparing “two zodiacs” when in fact all they are discussing is their own distorted subjective self images. Frankly all of this bores me. If you want to discuss how a completely mistaken notion of Astrology namely the “tropical zodiac of signs” is correct after all, you can find thousands and thousands of websites to do it on.

This website is dedicated to the celebration of Western Sidereal Astrology, and that, dear visitor, is wonderfully that. If you are thinking of signing up so you can point out the error of my ways, don’t waste your time or mine.


I am totally convinced that Sidereal Astrology is a Sacred Science that reaches back to the beginning of all Astrology in ancient Egypt. I am also convinced that Sidereal Astrology presupposes reincarnation and the law of Maat or balance in all things. This is also called the law of Karma. Your correct Sidereal Birth Chart is the accurate map of your spiritual path in this lifetime. It reveals the hidden inner awareness states and destiny conditions that you must face in order to attain Self Realization.

Astrology when understood releases you from both subjectivism and psychologism and places you in the larger context of the Solar system and the Earth. This is why it is absolutely essential that the Birth Chart you are looking at is Real Astrology.

The central premise then is that Western Sidereal Astrology is Real Astrology. Consequently any Sidereal Astrology, the Hindu system for instance, will contain some valuable techniques worthy of exploration and even reintegration into Western Sidereal Astrology. We will be discussing some of these Hindu techniques in the future.


I calculate the Birth Chart using the S.V.P. also called the Fagan Bradley Ayanamsa. This Sidereal function is on just about every astrological software program and is simply called Sidereal.

I use the Campanus House System because it is compatible with Sidereal Astrology. This House System is also found on every software program. I now have a Sidereal Birth Chart. It is just that easy to calculate your Sidereal Chart.

First look at the Planets and Aspects in the Constellations rather than the houses which you will come to later. The Constellation with the Ascendant or Rising Star-house in it becomes the First Star-house. When you look at the chart in this light you are essentially looking at your fundamental character as in the ancient astrological aphorism “Character Is Destiny”. The Campanus Houses will tell you things about how the surrounding world and Universe impacts upon that Character, as its Destiny unfolds in the fields of life and Time.

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  1. October 9, 2010 8:51 PM

    I am glad to find this site; it’s true, so little exists about this subject on the Web. I hope you come back to it one day, despite the absence of reader comments. I have found on my own (nonastrological) blog that, although people read, they rarely comment. Sometimes you feel as though you speak to yourself, but it is not so.

  2. James Hoagland permalink
    November 7, 2010 3:01 PM

    I was just reading last evening till about 2:30 a.m. about Pluto in Capricorn to Nov. 19, 2024. And then Uranus and Jupiter in Aries- 2011. Now Jupiter it says is in Aries from Jan.22 till June; Uranus in from March 2011 till 2018. How does this read out in sidereal astrology?

    You can tell I’m a novice or a casual reader type. But I’ve been drawn back astrology and then because I was always dissatisfied with the usual popular versions I was looking for something more significant and here I am at your site.

    All of the placements above point to great changes taking place and “evolutionary astrology” seems to point to the personal changes and spiritual growth needed to adjust to the coming changes ( which have already statrted).

    I like your writing in this article and accept the basis for your approach which includes reincarnation and the law of karma.

    Using the “ancients” and the knowledge they had developed and recognizing the snuffing out of this wisdom as being a product of our current materialists based world order completely satisfies my understanding of life. Even though I’ve gotten older (67) I still seek for truth as a student. I feel quite good I found your site and will be here a couple of times a week, at least.

    Daily life calls but I have much reading to do.

    Thank you for your efforts.


  3. James Hoagland permalink
    December 12, 2010 12:43 PM

    I read sidereal a few years ago and then got super focused on going to retirement. Health issues with my wife and myself has been occupying my time so much that days turned into weeks etc. so quickly that about 18 months has passed.
    Then I wanted some info about myself and again turned to sidereal. It has been eye-opening to say the least.
    The advantage I have is that when reading my natal chart I am reading about how I have been throughout my life. I am reminded of what I was thinking and attempting to do many years ago.
    My self-examination is done through practicing yoga. I was presented with the idea of reincarnation when was I seeking to find a path. My key source of reliance on this was Edgar Cayce. As soon as I accepted reincarnation events in my daily life shifted because my understanding of things was deeper.
    I always turned to astrology for help in better understanding myself and what at times I was wrestling with but never stayed with it because there was always something that was off. Recently that urge to understand some tendencies that have persisted led me to return to astrology but this time I was looking at sidereal and in that pursuit I found this site.
    Your introductory statements are quite compatible with my own thoughts and attitudes so I will regularly visit your site. It’s amazing that once you see and understand something you wonder why didn’t I get it before? But I am happy that there is always progress and it is exciting and helps keep you young when you know that there is always something “new” to learn.

  4. December 15, 2011 3:04 AM

    I agree 100% with you. Since I was a kid I was introduced to astrology by myself. I also being fascinated with astronomy. But in my younger years what was published in different magazines about the position of the planets I notice that something was wrong. If they would say that the moon was in Virgo I noticed that it was in Leo, therefore I kept investigating and found about Sidereal Astrology which made more sence to me. Specially if you can define the constellations of the zodiac. I have done readings to quite a few people and have tought them the difference of tropical and sidereal and they keep coming back because they notice the difference. Tropicalist have to understand that the earth tilt on its axis is an astronomical fact. Every seventy two years is a degree the earth slowly tilts. If a planet is in a constellation it can’t be at another at the same time it’s ridiculous.

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